Springfield Elementary

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Faculty fund DT022-285 DT022-285 Faculty fund Faculty gift fund Pierson,Veronica N/A NA NA $25.00
Supply Fee-Puissegur DT022-77 DT022-77 Supply Fee-Aucoin Supply Fee Aucoin,Miracle 3 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Barringer DT022-83 DT022-83 Supply Fee-Barringer Supply Fee Barringer,Jill 3 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Brettel DT022-68 DT022-68 Supply Fee-Brettel Supply Fee Brettel,Erin 1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-C Owens DT022-94 DT022-94 Supply Fee-C Owens Supply Fee Owens,Charli 2 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Cavallero DT022-98 DT022-98 Supply Fee-Cavallero Supply Fee Cavallero,Melissa -1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Compton DT022-80 DT022-80 Supply Fee-Compton Supply Fee Compton,Jaime' 4 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Kirkpatrick DT022-95 DT022-95 Supply Fee-D Owens Supply Fee Owens,Denise All NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Edwards DT022-63 DT022-63 Supply Fee-Davis Supply Fee Davis,Stephanie 0 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-DePaula DT022-96 DT022-96 Supply Fee-DePaula Supply Fee DePaula,Donna -1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Elliott DT022-75 DT022-75 Supply Fee-Elliott Supply Fee Elliott,Gloria 3 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Gray DT022-61 DT022-61 Supply Fee-Gray Supply Fee Gray,Wendi 0 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Griffin DT022-97 DT022-97 Supply Fee-Griffin Supply Fee Griffin,Daphne -1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee- Harper DT022-15 DT022-15 Supply Fee-Harper Class supply fee Harper,Danielle 2 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Harris DT022-65 DT022-65 Supply Fee-Harris Supply Fee Harris,Krista 0 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Hayden DT022-70 DT022-70 Supply Fee-Hayden Supply Fee Hayden,April 1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Kugler DT022-69 DT022-69 Supply Fee-Kirkpatrick Supply Fee Kirkpatrick,Aimie 1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Aucoin DT022-73 DT022-73 Supply Fee-Kugler Supply Fee Kugler,Samantha 2 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-LeBlanc DT022-82 DT022-82 Supply Fee-LeBlanc Supply Fee LeBlanc,Paula 4 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Lee DT022-66 DT022-66 Supply Fee-Lee Supply Fee Lee,Natalie 1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Levert DT022-76 DT022-76 Supply Fee-Levert Supply Fee Levert,Jennifer 3 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Lexia DT022-74 DT022-74 Supply Fee-Lexia Supply Fee Lexia,Joni 2 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-McGee DT022-79 DT022-79 Supply Fee-McGee Supply Fee McGee,Yolanda 4 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Miller DT022-256 DT022-256 Supply Fee-Miller Supply Fee Miller,Doni 1 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Owens DT022-78 DT022-78 Supply Fee-Soza Supply Fee Soza,Dondi 3 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Torres DT022-139 DT022-139 Supply Fee-Torres Supply Fee Torres,Bridget 0 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Wells DT022-64 DT022-64 Supply Fee-Wells Supply Fee Wells,Kayleigh 0 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Wild DT022-18 DT022-18 Supply Fee-Wild Class supply fee Wild,Karen 2 NA NA $30.00
Supply Fee-Berthelot DT022-81 DT022-81 Supply Fee-Zito Supply Fee Meagan,Zito 4 NA NA $30.00
Talented Art Supply Fee-K. Demars DT022-330 DT022-330 Talented Art Supply Fee-K. Demars supply fee for Talented Art Karla,Demars N/A NA NA $20.00
Yearbook 2017-18 DT022-111 DT022-111 Yearbook 2019-20 yearbook sales Davis,Shelley All NA NA $15.00
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