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2018-19 SCHOOL FEE   (10,11,12 GRADE ONLY) DT005-7 DT005-7 2019-20 SCHOOL FEE (10,11,12 GRADE ONLY) ALL STUDENTS **due first day of school.** Wingate,Laura All NA NA $35.00
4-H Club - Manotas DT005-56 DT005-56 4-H Club - Manotas . Manotas,Jamie All NA NA $20.00
Adv. Math Dual Enrollment-McCleary DT005-147 DT005-147 Adv. Math/Math XL Fee - McCleary . McCleary,Christine All NA NA $15.00
Adv.MathHonors Workbook-McCleary DT005-146 DT005-146 Adv.MathHonors Workbook-McCleary Workbook McCleary,Christine All NA NA $7.00
Anatomy Lab Fee - Carroll DT005-157 DT005-157 Anatomy Lab Fee - Carroll . Carroll,Melissa N/A NA NA $10.00
Anchor Club DT005-178 DT005-178 Anchor Club . Frazier,Jeri All NA NA $25.00
AP Calculus Class Fee - Flake DT005-132 DT005-132 AP Calculus Workbook Fee - Flake NOT THE REQUIRED COURSE FEE Flake,Amy All NA NA $10.00
AP Course Fee DT005-225 DT005-225 AP Course Fee . Staci,Clement N/A NA NA $10.00
AP English Workbook - Eaves DT005-140 DT005-140 AP English Workbook - Eaves . Eaves,Vickie All NA NA $8.00
AP Studio Art - Caruso DT005-357 DT005-357 AP Studio Art - Caruso . Caruso,Lorin N/A NA NA $40.00
Art Fee -  Freneaux (Chassaing) DT005-61 DT005-61 Art Fee - Freneaux (Chassaing) . Freneaux,Michelle All NA NA $25.00
Art Fee - Caruso DT005-47 DT005-47 Art Fee - Caruso NOT AP Caruso,Lorin All NA NA $25.00
Art Fee I or II - Berthelot DT005-21 DT005-21 Art Fee I - Berthelot . Berthelot,Virginia All NA NA $25.00
AP Studio Art - Berthelot DT005-22 DT005-22 Art-3D Sculpt/Pottery - Berthelot . Berthelot,Virginia All NA NA $25.00
Baking & Pastry-Langlois DT005-220 DT005-220 Baking & Pastry-Langlois . Langlois,Randi N/A NA NA $20.00
Band Class Fee DT005-VAR22 DT005-VAR22 Band Class Fee . Latas,Carlye N/A NA NA $0.00
Band Thanksgiving Trip DT005-VAR100 DT005-VAR100 Band Thanksgiving Trip . Latas,Carlye N/A NA NA $0.00
Baseball Fee-Spirit Pack DT005-144 DT005-144 Baseball Fee-Spirit Pack - Carroll,Mark All NA NA $200.00
P.E. Fee-Coach Carroll DT005-18 DT005-18 Baseball Jacket - Carroll . Carroll,Mark All NA NA $45.00
BASS Club dues-Brumbaugh DT005-276 DT005-276 BASS & FLW Dues-Lang . Lang,Kenneth N/A NA NA $50.00
Bowling Fee - Simmons DT005-222 DT005-222 Bowling Fee . Williams,Stephen N/A NA NA $100.00
Breakfast with Santa DT005-107 DT005-107 Breakfast with Santa . Donze,Shannon All NA NA $20.00
Carpentry Class Fee - Lang DT005-29 DT005-29 Carpentry Class Fee - Lang . Lang,Kenneth All NA NA $25.00
Cheerleader Fees - Riviere DT005-VAR104 DT005-VAR104 Cheerleader Fees - Riviere . Riviere,Jordyn N/A NA NA $0.00
Choir Fee - Freneaux Chassaing DT005-62 DT005-62 Choir Fee - Freneaux Chassaing . Freneaux,Michelle All NA NA $35.00
Choir sweatshirt DT005-320 DT005-320 Choir sweatshirt . Freneaux,Michelle N/A NA NA $23.00
Choir Tie DT005-354 DT005-354 Choir Tie . Freneaux,Michelle N/A NA NA $14.00
Choir Uniform (Boys) - Freneaux Chassaing DT005-63 DT005-63 Choir Uniform (Boys) - Freneaux Chassaing . Freneaux,Michelle All NA NA $30.00
Choir Uniform (Girls) - Freneaux Chassaing DT005-64 DT005-64 Choir Uniform (Girls) - Freneaux Chassaing . Freneaux,Michelle All NA NA $56.00
Choir-LMEA Audition Fee DT005-388 DT005-388 Choir-LMEA Audition Fee . Freneaux,Michelle N/A NA NA $15.00
CLEP fee DT005-244 DT005-244 CLEP fee . Howard,Wesley All NA NA $90.00
COE Banquet - Ms. Scivicque DT005-25 DT005-25 COE Banquet - Ms. Scivicque Covers Employers Appreciation Luncheon Scivicque,Stephanie All NA NA $45.00
Drafting Fee - Lang DT005-30 DT005-30 Drafting Fee - Lang . Lang,Kenneth All NA NA $25.00
Driver's Ed - SESSION 1 DT005-211 DT005-211 Driver's Ed - November . Neal,Josh N/A NA NA $375.00
FBLA Dues - Scivicque DT005-24 DT005-24 FBLA Dues - Scivicque . Scivicque,Stephanie All NA NA $25.00
FFA Dues - Page DT005-71 DT005-71 FFA Dues - Page . Page,Cheryl All NA NA $20.00
First Responder Fee-Stanton DT005-277 DT005-277 First Responder Fee-Gonzales . Gonzales,Aja N/A NA NA $15.00
Football Season Pass DT005-219 DT005-219 Football Season Pass . Julie,Jacobsen All NA NA $65.00
Football Sponsor DT005-362 DT005-362 Football Sponsor . White,Shana N/A NA NA $0.01
Jackette Fees - White DT005-VAR28 DT005-VAR28 Jackette Fees - White . White,Shana N/A NA NA $0.00
Jackettes Alumni Shirt DT005-400 DT005-400 Jackettes Alumni Shirt . White,Shana N/A NA NA $20.00
JADD dues DT005-106 DT005-106 JADD dues . Donze,Shannon All NA NA $25.00
JROTC Fee/Shirt DT005-285 DT005-285 JROTC Fee/Shirt Select your size Bias,Ronald N/A NA NA $20.00
Junior Natl Honor Society-Jacobsen DT005-216 DT005-216 Junior Natl Honor Society-Jacobsen . Jacobsen,Julie N/A NA NA $15.00
Library Club Dues-Arceneaux DT005-215 DT005-215 Library Club Dues-Arceneaux . Arceneaux,Gail N/A NA NA $15.00
Nutrition & Foods - Langlois DT005-57 DT005-57 Nutrition & Foods - Langlois . Langlois,Randi All NA NA $15.00
Nutrition & Foods Advanced - Langlois DT005-58 DT005-58 Nutrition & Foods Advanced - Langlois . Langlois,Randi All NA NA $20.00
Powerlifting Fee - Ryan DT005-242 DT005-242 Powerlifting Fee - Ryan . Ryan,Joseph N/A NA NA $40.00
ProStart Class - Manotas DT005-148 DT005-148 ProStart Class - Manotas . Manotas,Jamie All NA NA $20.00
Robotics Team Fee DT005-389 DT005-389 Robotics Team Fee . Eiland,Daniel N/A NA NA $75.00
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