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Class fees
Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
2019 FB Booster Jambalaya DT002-VAR99 DT002-VAR99 2019 FB Booster Jambalaya 2019 FB Booster Jambalaya Sales Janis,Michael All 2019 FBB Jam 7/11/2019 $0.00
2019 FB Lift-a-thon Fundraiser DT002-VAR93 DT002-VAR93 2019 FB Lift-a-thon Fundraiser FB Lift-a-thon Janis,Michael All NA NA $0.00
2019 Football Field Signs DT002-VAR98 DT002-VAR98 2019 Football Field Signs 2019 Footbal Field Sign Sales Janis,Michael All NA 7/11/2019 $0.00
2019/2020 Freshman Class Dues DT002-297 DT002-297 2019/2020 Freshman Class Dues Class of 2023 Freshman Dues Tallia,Sandy N/A NA NA $20.00
2018/2019 Sophomore Class Dues DT002-77 DT002-77 2019/2020 Junior Class Dues 2019/2020 Junior Class Dues Tallia,Sandy All NA 7/25/2016 $20.00
2018/2019 Junior Class Dues DT002-76 DT002-76 2019/2020 Senior Class Dues 2019/2020 Senior Class Dues Tallia,Sandy All NA 7/25/2016 $20.00
2018/2019 Freshman Class Dues DT002-73 DT002-73 2019/2020 Sophomore Class Dues 2019/2020 Sophomore Class Dues Tallia,Sandy All NA 7/25/2016 $20.00
2019-2020 Registration Fees DT002-296 DT002-296 2019-2020 Registration Fees Registration fees for 2019-2020 Tallia,Sandy All NA NA $30.00
Advanced Food and Nutrition - 2S DT002-253 DT002-253 Advanced Food and Nutrition - 2S Semester 2 - Advanced Food and Nutrition Kiefer,Ashley N/A NA NA $10.00
Ag I - Ponder DT002-295 DT002-295 Ag I - Ponder Ag I Class fees Ponder,Hoyt All NA NA $10.00
Ag II Class Fee - Ponder, H DT002-4 DT002-4 Ag II Class Fee - Ponder, H 2019/2020 Ag II Class Fee Ponder,Hoyt All NA 8/4/2015 $10.00
Ag III - Ponder, H DT002-244 DT002-244 Ag III - Ponder, H Ag III Class Fees Ponder,Hoyt All NA NA $10.00
Anatomy & Physiology DT002-105 DT002-105 Anatomy & Physiology Lab Fees Sansovich,Louis All NA 7/25/2016 $5.00
Baking and Pastry Arts DT002-228 DT002-228 Baking and Pastry Arts Class fees Kiefer,Ashley All NA NA $20.00
Band Debts DT002-VAR68 DT002-VAR68 Band Debts Old band debts Elmore,Amy All NA NA $0.00
Band Fees - Elmore, A DT002-5 DT002-5 Band Fees - Elmore, A 2019/2020 Band Fees Elmore,Amy All NA 7/25/2016 $65.00
Band Shoes DT002-174 DT002-174 Band Shoes Band Shoes Elmore,Amy All NA NA $30.00
Biology I DT002-107 DT002-107 Biology I Lab Fees Woodward,Shellie All NA 7/25/2016 $5.00
Biology II AP DT002-106 DT002-106 Biology II AP Lab Fees Sansovich,Louis All NA 7/25/2016 $5.00
Business English - Howes DT002-293 DT002-293 Business English - Howes Business AEnglish Class fees Howes,Maegan All NA NA $5.00
Cheer Fees 2019-2020 DT002-VAR92 DT002-VAR92 Cheer Fees 2019-2020 Cheer fees for 2019-2020 Duhon,Deloy 12 NA NA $0.00
Chemistry DT002-108 DT002-108 Chemistry Lab fees Stewart,Amy All NA 7/25/2016 $5.00
Color Guard Fees DT002-VAR2 DT002-VAR2 Color Guard Fees Color Guard Fees - 2019-2020 Elmore,Amy All NA NA $0.00
Color Guard Old Debts DT002-VAR62 DT002-VAR62 Color Guard Old Debts Old Debts for color guard Elmore,Amy All NA NA $0.00
Electricity DT002-117 DT002-117 Electricity 2018/2019 Electricity - Ponder Ponder,Hoyt All NA 7/25/2016 $10.00
English I - Smith DT002-288 DT002-288 English I - Smith English I class fees Smith,Sarah N/A NA NA $5.00
English I Honors - Campbell DT002-289 DT002-289 English I Honors - Campbell English I Honors Class fees Campbell,Krista 9 NA NA $5.00
English II - Howes DT002-290 DT002-290 English II - Howes English II class fees Howes,Maegan All NA NA $5.00
English III - Campbell DT002-291 DT002-291 English III - Campbell English III Class fees Campbell,Krista All NA NA $5.00
English IV - Graham DT002-292 DT002-292 English IV - Graham English IV Class fees Graham,Hope All NA NA $5.00
FB Programs DT002-VAR96 DT002-VAR96 FB Programs FB Program Sales, Cost and Ad sales Duhon,Deloy N/A NA 5/21/2019 $0.00
Golf Tourney Participant DT002-285 DT002-285 Golf Tourney Participant Golf Tourney Participant Entry Fee Woods,Gabe All NA 5/24/2019 $100.00
Golf Tourney Sponsors DT002-284 DT002-284 Golf Tourney Sponsors Baseball Golf Tournament Sponsors Woods,Gabe All NA 5/24/2019 $200.00
Hornet Hoodie DT002-219 DT002-219 Hornet Hoodie Hornet Hoodie Bankston,Stephanie All NA NA $25.00
Hornet Sweatshirt DT002-190 DT002-190 Hornet Sweatshirt Hornet Sweatshirt Bankston,Stephanie All NA NA $20.00
ID Debts DT002-VAR73 DT002-VAR73 ID Debts Old ID Debts from rentals Bankston,Stephanie All NA NA $0.00
Nutrition & Food  - Kiefer, A DT002-23 DT002-23 Nutrition & Food - S1 Kiefer, A 2019/2020 Nutrition & Food Kiefer,Ashley All NA 7/25/2016 $10.00
Old Debts DT002-VAR5 DT002-VAR5 Old Debts Old debts from previous school years Bankston,Stephanie N/A NA NA $0.00
Painted Parking Spots DT002-226 DT002-226 Painted Parking Spots Additional $15 to paint parking spots - students have to provide their own paint Leitz,John All NA NA $15.00
Parking Tags DT002-122 DT002-122 Parking Tags 2019/2020 Parking Tags - Bankston, S Bankston,Stephanie All NA 7/25/2016 $20.00
PE Uniform Shirt DT002-153 DT002-153 PE Uniform Shirt PE Uniform Shirt Darouse,Stacy All NA NA $8.50
PE Uniform Shorts DT002-160 DT002-160 PE Uniform Shorts PE Uniform Shorts Darouse,Stacy All NA NA $8.50
Physical Science DT002-110 DT002-110 Physical Science Lab Fee Sanders,John All NA 7/25/2016 $5.00
Physical Science DT002-287 DT002-287 Physical Science Physical Science Lab Fee Sansovich,Louis N/A NA NA $5.00
Physics AP DT002-111 DT002-111 Physics AP Lab fees Stewart,Amy All NA 7/25/2016 $5.00
Spirit Shirt DT002-146 DT002-146 Spirit Shirt Spirit Shirt Bankston,Stephanie All NA NA $15.00
Technical Writing - Smith DT002-294 DT002-294 Technical Writing - Smith Technical Writing class fees Smith,Sarah All NA NA $5.00
Track Team Fees DT002-VAR44 DT002-VAR44 Track Team Fees Fees for Track Team Smith,Paul All NA NA $0.00
Welding DT002-121 DT002-121 Welding 2018/2019 Welding - Ponder Ponder,Hoyt All NA 7/25/2016 $10.00
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