Albany High

Class fees
Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
2018 Lift-A-Thon  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR46 DT002-VAR46 2018 Lift-A-Thon Lift-a-thon fundraiser sales NA NA NA NA $0.00
4-H Club Dues  Albany High                                         DT002-178 DT002-178 4-H Club Dues 4-H Club Dues Hansen,Sheryl All NA NA $25.00
AP Test fee debt  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR19 DT002-VAR19 AP Test fee debt SP Debts NA NA NA NA $0.00
Band Disney Trip  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR31 DT002-VAR31 Band Disney Trip Band trip to Disney World NA NA NA NA $0.00
Beta National Trip  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR18 DT002-VAR18 Beta National Trip Beta National Trip fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Beta Raffle Tickets  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR49 DT002-VAR49 Beta Raffle Tickets Beta Raffle Ticket Sales NA NA NA NA $0.00
Bowling Team Try-out Fee  Albany High                                         DT002-199 DT002-199 Bowling Team Try-out Fee Try-out Fees for Bowling Team Dekeyzer,Harley All NA NA $10.00
Cheer Ad Sales 2018-19  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR63 DT002-VAR63 Cheer Ad Sales 2018-19 Ad Sales for Cheerleaders NA NA NA NA $0.00
Cheer Fees 2018 - 2019  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR1 DT002-VAR1 Cheer Fees 2018 - 2019 Cheer Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Color Guard Fees  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR2 DT002-VAR2 Color Guard Fees Color Guard Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Color Guard Old Debts  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR62 DT002-VAR62 Color Guard Old Debts Old Debts for color guard NA NA NA NA $0.00
Dance Team Fees  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR3 DT002-VAR3 Dance Team Fees Dance Team Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
FFA Dues  Albany High                                         DT002-173 DT002-173 FFA Dues FFA Dues Ponder,Hoyt N/A NA NA $20.00
FFA Jackets  Albany High                                         DT002-216 DT002-216 FFA Jackets FFA Jacket sales Ponder,Hoyt N/A NA NA $65.00
Library fines and fees  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR20 DT002-VAR20 Library fines and fees Library fines and fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Old Debts  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR5 DT002-VAR5 Old Debts Old debts from previous school years NA NA NA NA $0.00
PSAT Test fees  Albany High                                         DT002-181 DT002-181 PSAT Test fees PSAT Test Fees Leitz,John All NA NA $15.00
SGA Shirts  Albany High                                         DT002-180 DT002-180 SGA Shirts SGA Shirts Leitz,John All NA NA $20.00
Softball Fundraiser  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR61 DT002-VAR61 Softball Fundraiser Softball Fundraiser collections NA NA NA NA $0.00
Track Team Fees  Albany High                                         DT002-VAR44 DT002-VAR44 Track Team Fees Fees for Track Team NA NA NA NA $0.00
World War II Museum Trip  Albany High                                         DT002-198 DT002-198 World War II Museum Trip World War II Trip Leitz,John All NA NA $40.00
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