Albany Lower Elementary

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Class Fee - Angie Rogers  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-157 DT001-157 Class Fee - Angie Rogers Class Fees Rogers,Angela All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Cheryl Criswell  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-3 DT001-3 Class Fee - Cheryl Criswell Class Fee Criswell,Cheryl All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Dana McCarrol  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-172 DT001-172 Class Fee - Dana McCarrol Class Fee McCarrol,Dana All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Dani Liuzza  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-20 DT001-20 Class Fee - Dani Liuzza Class Fee Liuzza,Dani All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Gabby Mire  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-181 DT001-181 Class Fee - Gabby Mire Class Fee mire,gabrielle All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Geri Davis  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-6 DT001-6 Class Fee - Geri Davis Class Fee Davis,Geri All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Jenifer Erdey  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-145 DT001-145 Class Fee - Jenifer Erdey Class Fees - Erdey,Jennifer All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Jessica Crayton  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-11 DT001-11 Class Fee - Jessica Crayton Class Fee - Crayton,Jessica All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Jessica McKneely  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-299 DT001-299 Class Fee - Jessica McKneely Class fees McKneely,Jessica N/A NA 8/7/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Jill Alexander DT001-140 DT001-140 Class Fee - Jill Alexander Class Fees Alexander,Jill All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Kaci Tassin  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-153 DT001-153 Class Fee - Kaci Tassin Class Fee Tassin,Kaci All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Katie Cascio  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-10 DT001-10 Class Fee - Katie Cascio Class Fee - Cascio,Mary (Katie) All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Kristen Theard  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-303 DT001-303 Class Fee - Kristen Theard class fees Theard,Kristen N/A NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Laura Penalber  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-147 DT001-147 Class Fee - Laura Penalber Class Fee Penalber,Laura All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Lisa Pankey  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-173 DT001-173 Class Fee - Lisa Pankey Class Fee Pankey,Lisa All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Monica Brewer  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-160 DT001-160 Class Fee - Monica Brewer Class Fee Brewer,Monica All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Nicole Jenkins  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-49 DT001-49 Class Fee - Nicole Jenkins Class Fee Jenkins,Nicole All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Paige Taylor  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-308 DT001-308 Class Fee - Paige Taylor Class Fees Taylor,Paige 0 NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Philisha Millet  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-149 DT001-149 Class Fee - Philisha Millet Class Fee Millet,Philisha All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Rebecca Falgout  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-19 DT001-19 Class Fee - Rebecca Falgout Class Fee Falgout,Rebecca All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Rebecca Scivicque  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-8 DT001-8 Class Fee - Rebecca Scivicque Class Fee Scivicque,Rebecca All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Sarah Foster  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-2 DT001-2 Class Fee - Sarah Foster Class Fee Foster,Sarah All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Scarlette Brunies  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-18 DT001-18 Class Fee - Scarlette Brunies Class Fee Brunies,Scarlette All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Taylor Lilley  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-301 DT001-301 Class Fee - Taylor Lilley class fees Lilley,Taylor N/A NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Tracy Andry  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-9 DT001-9 Class Fee - Tracy Andry Class Fee Andry,Tracy All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Class Fee - Yvette Schilling  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-22 DT001-22 Class Fee - Yvette Schilling Class Fee Schilling,Yvette All NA 8/6/2018 $30.00
Spirit Shirt  Albany Lower Elementary                             DT001-165 DT001-165 Spirit Shirt Spirit Shirt bottolfs,christal N/A NA NA $12.00
Sweatshirt - Youth Extra Large DT001-260 DT001-260 Sweatshirt - Youth Extra Large Sweatshirt - Youth Extra Large bottolfs,christal N/A NA 10/1/2018 $15.00
Rogers, Angie - Yearbook Sale DT001-283 DT001-283 Yearbook Sale - Angie Rogers Rogers, Angie - Yearbook Sale Rogers,Angela All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Criswell, Cheryl - Yearbook Sale DT001-279 DT001-279 Yearbook Sale - Cheryl Criswell Criswell, Cheryl - Yearbook Sale Criswell,Cheryl All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
McCarrol, Dana - Yearbook Sale DT001-275 DT001-275 Yearbook Sale - Dana McCarrol McCarrol, Dana - Yearbook Sale McCarrol,Dana All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Liuzza, Dani - Yearbook Sales DT001-113 DT001-113 Yearbook Sale - Dani Liuzza Dani Liuzza - Yearbook Sales Liuzza,Dani All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Mire, Gabby - Yearbook Sale DT001-286 DT001-286 Yearbook Sale - Gabby Mire Mire, Gabby - Yearbook Sale mire,gabrielle All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Davis, Geri - Yearbook Sales DT001-129 DT001-129 Yearbook Sale - Geri Davis Geri Davis-Yearbook Sales Davis,Geri All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Erdey, Jenifer - Yearbook Sales DT001-95 DT001-95 Yearbook Sale - Jenifer Erdey Jenifer Erdey - Yearbook Sales Erdey,Jennifer All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Crayton, Jessica - Yearbook Sale DT001-282 DT001-282 Yearbook Sale - Jessica Crayton Crayton, Jessica - Yearbook Sale Crayton,Jessica All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Yearbook Sale - Jessica McKneely DT001-341 DT001-341 Yearbook Sale - Jessica McKneely Yearbook Sale McKneely,Jessica N/A NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Alexander, Jill - Yearbook Sale DT001-277 DT001-277 Yearbook Sale - Jill Alexander Alexander, Jill - Yearbook Sale Alexander,Jill All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Tassin, Kaci - Yearbook Sales DT001-101 DT001-101 Yearbook Sale - Kaci Tassin Kaci Tassin - Yearbook Sales Tassin,Kaci All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Cascio, Katie - Yearbook Sale DT001-278 DT001-278 Yearbook Sale - Katie Cascio Cascio, Katie - Yearbook Sale Cascio,Mary (Katie) All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Yearbook Sale - Kristen Theard DT001-338 DT001-338 Yearbook Sale - Kristen Theard Theard, Kristen - Yearbook Sale Theard,Kristen N/A NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Penalber, Laura - Yearbook Sale DT001-281 DT001-281 Yearbook Sale - Laura Penalber Penalber, Laura - Yearbook Sale Penalber,Laura All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Pankey, Lisa - Yearbook Sale DT001-276 DT001-276 Yearbook Sale - Lisa Pankey Pankey, Lisa - Yearbook Sale Pankey,Lisa All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Brewer, Monica - Yearbook Sales DT001-112 DT001-112 Yearbook Sale - Monica Brewer Monica Brewer - Yearbook Sales Brewer,Monica All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Jenkins, Nicole - Yearbook Sale DT001-280 DT001-280 Yearbook Sale - Nicole Jenkins Jenkins, Nicole - Yearbook Sales Jenkins,Nicole All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Yearbook Sale - Paige Taylor DT001-337 DT001-337 Yearbook Sale - Paige Taylor Paige Taylor - Yearbook Sales Taylor,Paige N/A NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Millet, Philisha - Yearbook Sales DT001-102 DT001-102 Yearbook Sale - Philisha Millet Philisha Millet - Yearbook Sales Millet,Philisha All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Falgout, Rebecca - Yearbook Sale DT001-284 DT001-284 Yearbook Sale - Rebecca Falgout Falgout, Rebecca - Yearbook Sale Falgout,Rebecca All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Scivicque, Rebecca - Yearbook Sales DT001-98 DT001-98 Yearbook Sale - Rebecca Scivicque Rebecca Scivicque - Yearbook Sales Scivicque,Rebecca All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
Foster, Sarah - Yearbook Sales DT001-127 DT001-127 Yearbook Sale - Sarah Foster Sarah Foster-Yearbook Sales Foster,Sarah All NA 2/18/2019 $18.00
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