Otter Creek Elementary

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
B-Tablet CF050-12 CF050-12 B-Tablet b-tablet Hawkins,Dawna 1st NA 9/5/2013 $2.00
Crayons CF050-15 CF050-15 Crayons crayons Hawkins,Dawna All NA 9/5/2013 $1.00
Markers CF050-16 CF050-16 Markers markers Hawkins,Dawna All NA 9/5/2013 $2.00
Otter Creek Student T-Shirt CF050-10 CF050-10 Otter Creek Student T-Shirt T-Shirt Hawkins,Dawna All NA 9/5/2013 $10.00
Pencil Pouch CF050-6 CF050-6 Pencil Pouch pencil pouch Hawkins,Dawna All NA 9/5/2013 $4.00
Primary Journal CF050-9 CF050-9 Primary Journal primay journal Hawkins,Dawna All NA 9/5/2013 $2.00
Pumpkin Patch for K Parents CF050-51 CF050-51 Pumpkin Patch for K Parents Kinder pumpkin patch field trip Oct 25th Vaughn,Kelly Kindergarten NA 10/2/2017 $8.00
Red K Journal CF050-57 CF050-57 Red K Journal red kinder journal Hawkins,Dawna Kindergarten NA 10/2/2018 $4.00
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