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KMS Band Fee  Karns Middle DC147-18 DC147-18 KMS Band Fee This fee covers music, performance fee, instruments, etc. bowling,mark All Band 8/8/2018 $35.00
KMS Band Instrument Rental  Karns Middle DC147-19 DC147-19 KMS Band Instrument Rental This fee is only for students renting instruments from the KMS Band program. This covers the rental for the full academic year. bowling,mark All NA 8/8/2018 $50.00
KMS Chorus Fee  Karns Middle DC147-16 DC147-16 KMS Chorus Fee This fee covers music, performance fees, instruments, etc. Lunsford,Kami All Chorus 8/8/2018 $20.00
KMS Chorus Shirt  Karns Middle DC147-17 DC147-17 KMS Chorus Shirt This fee covers the cost of the performance shirt. Lunsford,Kami All NA 8/8/2018 $11.00
KMS Combination Locks  Karns Middle DC147-22 DC147-22 KMS Combination Locks This fee covers the cost of a combination lock for student lockers. Freeman,Sheila All NA 8/8/2018 $6.00
KMS Cross Country Fees  Karns Middle DC147-12 DC147-12 KMS Cross Country Fees This payment covers the cost of insurance and all costs associated with each meet. Also, the cost of awards at the end of the season. Smith,Josh All NA 8/12/2018 $40.00
KMS Instructional Support Fee  Karns Middle DC147-21 DC147-21 KMS Instructional Support Fee This fee covers Publications and other consumable materials to support class work in all subjects. Freeman,Sheila All NA 8/8/2018 $15.00
KMS Orchestra Fee  Karns Middle DC147-14 DC147-14 KMS Orchestra Fee This fee covers the cost of strings, instrument repairs and musical materials. Davis,Preston All Orchestra 8/8/2018 $35.00
KMS School Instrument Rental  Karns Middle DC147-15 DC147-15 KMS School Instrument Rental This fee covers the rental of cellos or basses for in-school use. These instruments should not leave the building. Cellists and bassists should have an instrument at home that they rent from a private company. Davis,Preston All NA 8/8/2018 $50.00
KMS Technology/School Materials Fee  Karns Middle DC147-20 DC147-20 KMS Technology/School Materials Fee This fee covers, Student Agenda Book, technology and non-consumable materials and equipment, calculators and batteries, etc. Freeman,Sheila All NA 8/8/2018 $20.00
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