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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
01. General School Fees 19'  Gibbs High DC100-65 DC100-65 01. General School Fees 19' This is the school-wide general school fee for the 2018-2019 school year. Used for purchases of copy paper and other general school needs. Pratt,Ada All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
02. School-Wide Technology Fee  Gibbs High DC100-68 DC100-68 02. School-Wide Technology Fee One time per year fee for technology needs (purchase and repair) Pratt,Ada All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
ACT Prep Fee  Gibbs High DC100-69 DC100-69 ACT Prep Fee For ACT Prep class materials Pratt,Ada All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
Advanced Theatre Arts  Gibbs High DC100-96 DC100-96 Advanced Theatre Arts Drama Classes with Mrs. Braeuner Braeuner,Crystal All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
Art  Gibbs High DC100-71 DC100-71 Art Fees for materials for all art classes: Art 1, Advanced AP, Honors, Studio. Teachers Mr. Pignataro and Mrs. Bledsoe Pignataro,Ethan All NA 8/1/2018 $50.00
Athletic Insurance  Gibbs High DC100-66 DC100-66 Athletic Insurance Required for participation in school sports. This fee is in addition to fee for individual sport. Thomas,Jeffery All NA 7/1/2018 $60.00
Auto Class  Gibbs High DC100-100 DC100-100 Auto Class Fees for Auto Classes Maintenance and Light Repair Teacher: R. Honeycutt Honeycutt,Rick All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Band Fee  Gibbs High DC100-103 DC100-103 Band Fee Band Camp Fee ALL members Humber,Jon All NA 7/1/2018 $250.00
Business Classes  Gibbs High DC100-89 DC100-89 Business Classes Accounting Teachers; R.Davis, Brown, G. Davis Davis,Robin All NA 8/1/2018 $35.00
CAD  Gibbs High DC100-110 DC100-110 CAD Computer Aided Drafting Amy Mitchell Mitchell,Amy All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Chorus  Gibbs High DC100-76 DC100-76 Chorus Mixed Chorus; Women's Choir, Men's Choir Brimer,William All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
Computer and Business Classes  Gibbs High DC100-90 DC100-90 Computer and Business Classes Personal Finance, Bus. Mgmt., Computer Applications, Web Page Design, Info. Technology Foundations, Intro Business Marketing, and Coding Teachers: R. Davis, G. Davis, Brown Davis,Robin All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Concert Band  Gibbs High DC100-73 DC100-73 Concert Band Concert Band Fee Humber,Jon All NA 8/1/2018 $100.00
Cosmetology  Gibbs High DC100-92 DC100-92 Cosmetology Cosmetology Principles, Design Principles and Chemistry Principles Coppinger,Stephanie All NA 8/1/2018 $45.00
Cosmetology Kit  Gibbs High DC100-93 DC100-93 Cosmetology Kit Cosmetology Kit-required Teacher: Stephanie Coppinger Coppinger,Stephanie All NA 8/1/2018 $98.00
Credit Recovery  Gibbs High DC100-98 DC100-98 Credit Recovery Fee for classes for credit recovery Becky Hughes and Debbie Conley Hughes,Rebecca All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Criminal Justice  Gibbs High DC100-101 DC100-101 Criminal Justice Fees for Criminal Justice class. Teacher: A. Cain Cain,Alex All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
Driver Education  Gibbs High DC100-75 DC100-75 Driver Education Fee required for Driver's Education class. Teacher is Mr. Pittman Pittman,Timothy All NA 8/1/2018 $150.00
English  Gibbs High DC100-79 DC100-79 English ALL Regular, Fundamental or CP classes Teachers: Braeuner, Cristy, Green, Blaylock, Pomeroy, Ryan, and Selah Braeuner,Crystal All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
English  Gibbs High DC100-80 DC100-80 English ALL AP, IB or Honors classes Teachers: Braeuner, Blaylock, Cristy, Green, Pomeroy, Ryan and Selah. Braeuner,Crystal All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
Ensemble  Gibbs High DC100-77 DC100-77 Ensemble Chorus fee for ensemble Brimer,William All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
Equipment Use Band  Gibbs High DC100-74 DC100-74 Equipment Use Band Charge per semester for use of band equipment Humber,Jon All NA 8/1/2018 $50.00
FBLA  Gibbs High DC100-113 DC100-113 FBLA Future Business Leaders Brown,Kim All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
FCCLA  Gibbs High DC100-109 DC100-109 FCCLA Family and Consumer Science Student Club Young,Rebecca All NA 8/1/2018 $7.00
Football Fees  Gibbs High DC100-119 DC100-119 Football Fees Fees for participation in football Does NOT include cost for Athletic Insurance of $60.00 Turner,Brad All NA 7/1/2018 $200.00
Foreign Language  Gibbs High DC100-81 DC100-81 Foreign Language ALL Regular, Fundamental or CP classes. Teachers: Holbrook, Bartra, Alexander, Lorenzo Holbrook,Amanda All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Foreign Language  Gibbs High DC100-82 DC100-82 Foreign Language ALL AP, IB or Honors Classes. Teachers: Holbrook, Bartra, Alexander, Lorenzo Holbrook,Amanda All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
Golf  Gibbs High DC100-126 DC100-126 Golf Golf Fee is $125.00 However, you must pay an additional $60.00 in Athletic Insurance. This is for the 2019-2020 school year McElroy,Keith All NA 4/17/2019 $125.00
Graduation Fee  Gibbs High DC100-78 DC100-78 Graduation Fee DOES NOT include cap and gown. Fee required for costs associated with graduation. Calloway,Kerri All NA 8/1/2018 $25.00
Health Sciences  Gibbs High DC100-94 DC100-94 Health Sciences Diagnostic Medicine, Emergency Medical Services, Medical Therapeutics, Anatomy and Physiology. Teachers, German and Lynn Lynn,Cynthia All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Home Ec. Culinary Studies  Gibbs High DC100-95 DC100-95 Home Ec. Culinary Studies Intro to Human Studies, Lifespan Development, Family Studies, Culinary Arts Teacher: R. Young Young,Rebecca All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
HOSA Club  Gibbs High DC100-111 DC100-111 HOSA Club Health Occupation Students Lynn,Cynthia All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
Lifespan  Gibbs High DC100-121 DC100-121 Lifespan From birth to death studies Young,Rebecca All NA 1/8/2019 $10.00
Lost textbook  Gibbs High DC100-127 DC100-127 Lost textbook Payment for lost textbook Pratt,Ada All NA 5/1/2019 $42.49
Marketing  Gibbs High DC100-102 DC100-102 Marketing Marketing classes taught by Mrs. Kepper Kepper,LeeAnne All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Math  Gibbs High DC100-105 DC100-105 Math All CP, Regular or Fundamental Teachers: Coppinger, England, Everette, Givens, Herron, Howard, Meade, Mitchell, Zeller Everette,Kristi All NA 8/3/2018 $5.00
Math  Gibbs High DC100-84 DC100-84 Math ALL AP, IB or Honors Classes. Teachers: Herron, Coppinger, England, Everette, Givens, Howard, Meade and Mitchell Everette,Kristi All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
National Honor Society  Gibbs High DC100-120 DC100-120 National Honor Society Due for NHS sponsored by Diana Judy, Bonny Blankenship and Kerri Calloway Judy,Diana All NA 8/1/2018 $25.00
Parking Permits  Gibbs High DC100-70 DC100-70 Parking Permits Must complete parking application form, signed by parent and student. Forms available in front office. If you request a parking permit for second semester only the parking fee is $25.00 Bell,David All NA 8/1/2018 $25.00
Physical Education/Health and Wellness  Gibbs High DC100-99 DC100-99 Physical Education/Health and Wellness Fee for PE/Health and Wellness classes. Teachers: Legg, Large, Kitts, Turner , All NA 8/1/2018 $10.00
Robotics  Gibbs High DC100-118 DC100-118 Robotics Robotics class/club Howard,Adam All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
Science  Gibbs High DC100-85 DC100-85 Science ALL Regular, Fundamental or CP classes Teachers: Blankenship, Bray, Davis, Johnson, Judy, Kalescky Davis,Amy All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
Science  Gibbs High DC100-86 DC100-86 Science ALL AP, IB or Honors Classes All Chemistry, Botany ,Zoology, Anatomy Teachers: Blankenship, Bray, Davis, Johnson, Judy, Kalescky Davis,Amy All NA 8/1/2018 $30.00
SGA  Gibbs High DC100-112 DC100-112 SGA Student Government Association Mitchell,Amy All NA 8/1/2018 $25.00
Social Studeis  Gibbs High DC100-87 DC100-87 Social Studeis ALL Regular, Fundamental or CP classes. Teachers: Conley, Harned, Hensley, Hughes, Jones, and Mynatt. Harned,Dean All NA 8/1/2018 $5.00
Social Studies  Gibbs High DC100-88 DC100-88 Social Studies ALL AP, IB or Honors Classes Teachers: Conley, Harned, Hensley, Hughes, Jones, and Mynatt Harned,Dean All NA 8/1/2018 $20.00
Softball  Gibbs High DC100-116 DC100-116 Softball Softball fees. Does NOT include Athletic Insurance - Please see separate activity for insurance Mitchell,Carol All NA 8/1/2018 $500.00
Theatre Arts 1  Gibbs High DC100-97 DC100-97 Theatre Arts 1 Drama with Mrs. Braeuner Braeuner,Crystal All NA 8/1/2018 $15.00
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