Farragut High

Currently, online payment is only available for the following activities
Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
DC080-14 Accounting I Everett,Carrie N/A Accounting I 7/31/2017 $35.00
Accounting I fee & workbook
DC080-10 Advanced Art - Ceramics - Love Love,Wendie N/A Art 7/31/2017 $65.00
Advance Art Ceramics
DC080-123 Advanced Art - Painting - Love Love,Wendie All NA NA $50.00
Painting (Mrs. Love) Advanced Art
DC080-104 Advanced Art Drawing - Vogel Vogel,Georgia All NA NA $50.00
Advanced Art Drawing
DC080-102 Advanced Art Printmaking - Vogel Vogel,Georgia All NA NA $65.00
Advanced Art Printmaking
DC080-106 Advanced Art Sculpture - Kalb Kalb,Erin All NA NA $50.00
Advance Art Sculpture
DC080-26 AP Biology Lab manual Skinner,Jane N/A NA 7/31/2017 $13.25
Lab Manuals AP Biology
DC080-124 AP Studio - Drawing - Vogel Vogel,Georgia All NA NA $50.00
AP Drawing - (Vogel) - Art
DC080-107 Art 1 - Love Love,Wendie All NA NA $40.00
Art 1
DC080-101 Art 1 - Vogel Vogel,Georgia All Art NA $40.00
Fundamentals of art
DC080-9 Art I - Kalb Kalb,Erin N/A Art 7/31/2017 $40.00
Fundamentals of art
DC080-41 Band/Concert Clupper,Michelle N/A Concert Band 1/1/2018 $80.00
Concert Band
DC080-44 Band/Dress Clupper,Michelle N/A Concert Band Dress for Girls 1/1/2018 $65.00
Concert Band Dress
DC080-43 Band/Tuxedo Clupper,Michelle N/A Concert Band Tux for Boys 1/1/2018 $131.00
Concert Band Tuxedo
DC080-13 Business Mayfield,Jason N/A Business classes 7/31/2017 $10.00
All Business classes EXCEPT Accounting 1
DC080-34 Chorus Deitch,Kenton N/A 1 Semester Chorus Classes 7/31/2017 $50.00
All Chorus Classes taking 1 Semester Not Including Ensemble
DC080-35 Chorus Deitch,Kenton N/A 2 Semesters of Chorus NA $75.00
Chorus Classes for 2 Semesters Not Including Ensemble
DC080-33 Chorus/Ensemble Deitch,Kenton N/A Chorus Ensemble 7/31/2017 $200.00
Ensemble/Includes 2 Semesters
DC080-89 Computer Systems - Galaska Galaska,David All NA NA $10.00
Computer Systems Teacher : Galaska
DC080-88 Criminal Justice Bailey,Tom All NA NA $15.00
All Criminal Justice classes
DC080-79 DECA dues Parks,Lori N/A NA 7/1/2017 $30.00
DECA club dues
DC080-90 Digital Arts Brossett,Michelle All NA NA $15.00
Graphic Arts
DC080-74 Driver's Ed 17-18 Moore,David N/A NA 7/31/2017 $150.00
Driver's Education fees - REQUIRED MUST BE PAID 1st DAY OF CLASS!
DC080-15 English CP Smithey,Laura N/A English CP Classes 7/31/2017 $10.00
English CP Classes Only - All teachers Includes journalism and Creative Writing
DC080-16 English/Honors and AP Smithey,Laura N/A English Honors and AP 7/31/2017 $20.00
All Honors and AP English Classes ALL TEACHERS
DC080-78 FBLA Dues Beale,Emily N/A NA 7/1/2017 $30.00
Future Business Leaders of America Club Dues
DC080-17 Film Studies McMahan,Lea N/A Film Studies 7/31/2017 $5.00
study films and film making
DC080-49 FRC Team 3140 Skinner,Jane All NA 7/31/2017 $200.00
Robotics Team
DC080-30 Health Science Ryan,Kailey N/A Health Science Classes 7/31/2017 $10.00
ALL Health Science Classes
DC080-127 Indoor Percussion - December Payment Clupper,Keith All NA 12/1/2017 $180.00
December payment for Indoor Percussion
DC080-119 indoor Percussion - February Payment Clupper,Keith All NA 12/15/2017 $180.00
February Payment for Indoor Percussion
DC080-118 Indoor Percussion - January (uniform) Payment Clupper,Keith All NA 12/15/2017 $180.00
January (uniform) payment for Indoor Percussion
DC080-120 Indoor Percussion - March Payment Clupper,Keith All NA 12/15/2017 $180.00
March Payment for Indoor Percussion
DC080-116 Indoor Percussion - November Payment Clupper,Keith All Band 12/15/2017 $180.00
November Payment for Indoor Percussion
DC080-18 Intro to Human Studies Barr,Sherry N/A Intro to Human Studies 7/31/2017 $15.00
Intro to Human Studies Mrs. Barr
DC080-6 Junior Fee Lindsey,Cindy 11 Junior Fees 7/31/2017 $20.00
ACT PREP & College Career Programming
DC080-19 Lifespan Development Flatford,Lynsey N/A Lifespan Development 7/31/2017 $10.00
Lifespan Development Mrs. Flatford
DC080-22 Math - AP or Honors Lacy,Wanda N/A Honors and AP Math 7/31/2017 $20.00
Honors and AP Classes ALL TEACHERS
DC080-21 Math - CP, Regular/Fundamental Lacy,Wanda N/A CP Math Classes 7/31/2017 $5.00
All CP Classes, Regular & Fundamental ALL TEACHERS
DC080-36 Music Classes Clupper,Michelle N/A Music Classes 7/31/2017 $10.00
History of Rock & Roll Jazz Studies AP Music Theory
DC080-51 National Honor Society Austin,Laura N/A NA 7/31/2017 $20.00
DC080-32 NJROTC Smathers,Kevin N/A ALL ROTC Classes 7/31/2017 $15.00
DC080-20 Nutrition Across the Lifespan Flatford,Lynsey N/A Nutrition Across the Lifespan 7/31/2017 $20.00
Nutrition Across the Lifespan Mrs. Flatford
DC080-39 Orchestra Dress Clupper,Michelle N/A Orchestra Dress for Girls 7/31/2017 $65.00
Dress for Girls
DC080-37 Orchestra Fee Clupper,Michelle N/A Orchestra per Semester 7/31/2017 $60.00
Orchestra Per Semester
DC080-38 Orchestra Tuxedo Clupper,Michelle N/A Tux for Orchestra 7/31/2017 $131.00
Tux for Boys
DC080-31 PE & Wellness Powell,Lyn N/A All PE & Wellness Classes 7/31/2017 $10.00
All PE & Wellness Classes ALL TEACHERS
DC080-7 Recovery Credit Lindsey,Cindy N/A Recovery Credit NA $10.00
Credit for students needing to retake a class
DC080-110 Robotics Class Howell,Matt All NA NA $50.00
Robotics Class fee
DC080-5 School/Instructional Fee - ALL STUDENTS Lindsey,Cindy All School-wide fee 7/31/2017 $15.00
school-wide fee - Once a Year