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2018-2019 Art Supply Costs  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-49 DC045-49 2018-2019 Art Supply Costs Supply cost will be used to purchase a wider variety of materials for all students including: 3d sculpture materials, higher quality paints and brushes, as well as many more items, varied per grade level. Bailey,Kristi All NA 8/7/2018 $5.00
2018-2019 Band Supply Costs  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-46 DC045-46 2018-2019 Band Supply Costs Cost to cover sheet music, chairs, stands, substitutes, and other required necessities to support the CBMS Band. White,Jessy All NA 8/7/2018 $20.00
2018-2019 Chorus Supply Costs  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-48 DC045-48 2018-2019 Chorus Supply Costs Cost cover all students with sheet music and other music accessories in the classroom. Taylor,Edie All NA 8/7/2018 $20.00
2018-2019 General School Fees  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-44 DC045-44 2018-2019 General School Fees Cost is to cover Technology, School Materials and Instructional Support fees, such as Agenda Book, technology and non-consumable materials, equipment, calculators, batteries, publications, consumable materials to support class work, etc. Price,Keri All NA 8/7/2018 $35.00
2018-2019 Orchestra Supply Costs  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-47 DC045-47 2018-2019 Orchestra Supply Costs Cost will cover all students strings, sponges, rosin, sheet music and accessories. Hatala,Abigail All NA 8/7/2018 $20.00
2018-2019 Spanish  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-50 DC045-50 2018-2019 Spanish Costs is to cover subscriptions, publications, consumables and technology. Huertas,Maria All NA 8/7/2018 $10.00
Cross Country Annual Dues  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-54 DC045-54 Cross Country Annual Dues Annual dues to cover race entry fees, team shirt, end of season party, etc. Claxton,Julie All NA 8/9/2018 $50.00
Dance Fees (Aug thru Oct)  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-56 DC045-56 Dance Fees (Aug thru Oct) Choreography, coaching, insurance, instruction, YE party and other supplies Edington,Tammie All NA NA $200.00
General Music Supply Costs  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-55 DC045-55 General Music Supply Costs Costs to support new sheet music, instruments and other items for this class. Taylor,Edie All NA NA $5.00
Locks  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-52 DC045-52 Locks Purchase for a Locker Lock for personal supplies Person,Marcia All NA 8/7/2018 $5.00
NJHS - 8th grade only  Cedar Bluff Middle DC045-51 DC045-51 NJHS - 8th grade only For inductees only - to cover annual club dues, in addition to materials and supplies for meeting and projects. Archer,Josh All NA 8/7/2018 $20.00
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