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FD508-71 2021-22 Parking Pass Parking Pass Fee is $40 for the 2021-22 school year. A parking pass form must be completed and payment made before pass will be issued. 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School FIXED Burdette,Garrett N/A NA NA $40.00
FD508-68 Annual iPad Damage Waiver Fee Annual Optional Damage Waiver Program for Students Fee is optional for those that want protection from expenses due to loss/damage of the student issued iPad. The Damage Waiver does NOT take effect until a signed form and payment is received. See Mr. Eskins in room 110 or email him at with any questions you may have and to get a copy of the form. 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School FIXED Eskins,James N/A NA NA $40.00
FD508-72 Credit Recovery Cost of 1/2 credit of course being completed in credit recovery. Please list student's name in the description/comments 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School FIXED Stover,Jennifer N/A NA NA $25.00
FD508-VAR13 DECA ICDC 2019 DECA Competition for ICDC in Georgia 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School VARIABLE Mangus,Abigail N/A NA NA $0.00
FD508-VAR22 iPad Damage Fees W/O insurance For damages that need to be paid for and student has not purchased the iPad damage waiver fee. The amount varies depending upon the damage. See Mr. Eskins in room 110 for cost of damage. 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School VARIABLE Eskins,James N/A NA NA $0.00
FD508-70 iPad Damage Waiver Deductible $49 incident fee for each incident of damage/loss (loss is limited to one instance per school year). Paying this deductible, KCS will waive your financial responsibility above and beyond the $49 deductible for each covered incident occurring in that school year. 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School FIXED Eskins,James N/A NA NA $49.00
FD508-69 Multi-Student iPad Damage Waiver Fee Families with multiple students wanting protection for the iPad devices pay $30 for each additional student after the first $40 waiver is paid. In the comment section, you must list other student(s) that are related to this waiver 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School FIXED Eskins,James N/A NA NA $30.00
FD508-VAR16 Student Debts Student debts such as IPad fees, lost textbooks that is owed to the school. 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School VARIABLE Vogelaar,Kathy N/A NA NA $0.00
FD508-67 Virtual School Fee for a single virtual class either on WVLearns or on Schoology. Fee is per semester. 0010b00002HJIGDAA5:Nitro High School FIXED Gordon,Niki N/A NA NA $25.00
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