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Select Image Number Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Freshman Dues WH308-11 WH308-11 Freshman Dues Freshman class dues :Smithfield High FIXED Mccann,Mindy 9th N/A N/A $5.00
Hospitality Dues WH308-VAR2 WH308-VAR2 Hospitality Dues Collecting donation funds for "life changing" events: Births, Deaths, Degree Earned, New Home ... :Smithfield High VARIABLE Craig,Velma N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Junior Dues WH308-9 WH308-9 Junior Dues Junior class dues. :Smithfield High FIXED Richmond,Rebecca 11th N/A N/A $10.00
Semester Long Parking WH308-2 WH308-2 Semester Long Parking Fall Student Parking :Smithfield High FIXED Ford,Pacquita N/A N/A N/A $50.00
Senior Dues WH308-3 WH308-3 Senior Dues Senior Dues. Please input t-shirt size in the description. :Smithfield High FIXED Mayes,Towanda 12th N/A N/A $75.00
SHS Robotics and Engineering Teams WH308-VAR3 WH308-VAR3 SHS Robotics and Engineering Teams SHS Robotics and Engineering teams compete in a wide variety of contests and competitions throughout the school year. Your donations will provide much needed support in team/tournament registration fees, travel costs, and funds needed to buy robot replacement parts. :Smithfield High VARIABLE Greer,Heather N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Sophomore Dues WH308-10 WH308-10 Sophomore Dues Sophomore class dues :Smithfield High FIXED Rosenthal,Chrystal 10th N/A N/A $5.00
Tech Fee WH308-VAR1 WH308-VAR1 Tech Fee Accrued technology fees. :Smithfield High VARIABLE Garrow,Hattie N/A N/A N/A $0.00
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