Ducketts Lane Elementary

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SelectImage Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Lost Books/Obligation DA083-VAR2 DA083-VAR2 Lost Books/Obligation Please list the name of the book you have lost and your student's name 0010b00002HJGkwAAH:Ducketts Lane Elementary VARIABLE Hastings,Cathy All NA 8/24/2021 $0.00
LTP Peers-Bradbury 21-22 DA083-85 DA083-85 LTP Peers-Bradbury 21-22 Tuition fee due by 5th of the month for Ms. Melissa Bradbury's LTP Peers class (RECC-MINC PS and/or RECC PS) 0010b00002HJGkwAAH:Ducketts Lane Elementary FIXED Bradbury,Melissa N/A Learning Together Program 9/5/2019 $180.00
LTP Peers-Geiser 21-22 DA083-84 DA083-84 LTP Peers-Geiser 21-22 Tuition fee due by 5th of the month for Ms. Mary Geiser's LTP Peers class (RECC-MINC PK) 0010b00002HJGkwAAH:Ducketts Lane Elementary FIXED Geiser,Mary All Learning Together Program 9/5/2019 $290.00
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