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This secure service allows parents/guardians, students and staff, the option to pay for school activities and events, field trips, fundraisers and other items using a credit card/debit card (Visa, MasterCard).

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Activities for purchase are listed below:

Select Image Number Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Bake Sale DA075-922 DA075-922 Bake Sale - Mobile Phone Redemption IMPORTANT: DO NOT PRESS THE REDEEM BUTTON.... FACS will press the "Redeem" button at the bake sale ~ Thursdays. All items are $2.00 per package. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Upson,Stephanie All FACS Fund Raiser 11/9/2023 $2.00
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Open Rehearsal Field Trip DA075-961 DA075-961 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Open Rehearsal Field Trip Music department field trip to attend an open rehearsal at the Baltimore Symphony. $21 to cover transportation. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Woomert,James All Music Department FT BSO 4/26/2024 $21.00
Culinary Club DA075-957 DA075-957 Culinary Club Semester 2 Membership Fee. If you enjoy cooking, join us to make some sweet and savory treats. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Upson,Stephanie All Culinary Club N/A $20.00
Figure Drawing DA075-914 DA075-914 Figure Drawing Join us after school between 5-7 in the art room to draw from a live model. All proceeds go to help support the National Arts Honor Society 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Hensley,Jeffrey All National Art Honor Society Fund Raiser N/A $5.00
International Thespian Honor Society New Membership Fee DA075-949 DA075-949 International Thespian Honor Society New Membership Fee New Members to ITS Honor Troupe one time payment for induction 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Greffen,Laura 9-12 For approved new members of ITS troupe only N/A $35.00
INVOICE FOR LOST MATERIALS DA075-VAR6 DA075-VAR6 INVOICE FOR LOST MATERIALS Please detail payment of materials 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High VARIABLE Lockhoff,Susan All MRHS Student Obligations N/A $0.00
MRHS JR/SR PROM TICKET DA075-981 DA075-981 MRHS JR/SR PROM TICKET MRHS Prom 2024 will take place on Friday, May 3, 2024, from 7:00-10:30 at Martin's West. Only juniors, seniors, and their guests may attend. All tickets must be purchased online by a MRHS junior or senior student attending prom. All other purchases will be voided. All tickets must be picked up during lunch shifts on 4/8 and 4/9. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Rashid,Lynn 9-12 CC25 5/3/2024 $75.00
MRHS Multicultural Festival DA075-977 DA075-977 MRHS Multicultural Festival Ticket Sales 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Reier,Kristen All Multicultural Festival 4/12/2024 $5.00
MRHS South Asian Club DA075-917 DA075-917 MRHS South Asian Club Membership Dues for MRHS SAC 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Roberts,Meg All MRHS South Asian Club N/A $5.00
MRHS Staff Social Dues DA075-879 DA075-879 MRHS Staff Social Dues 2023-2024 School Year! Thank you for your support! 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Milani,Molly N/A Social Committee N/A $25.00
Music Department-Spring Trip 2024 DA075-VAR56 DA075-VAR56 Music Department-Spring Trip 2024 Payments for the Music Department Spring Trip 2024 may be made here. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High VARIABLE Ellis,Nick All Music Department Field Trip 4/18/2024 $0.00
Student Parking Permit DA075-141 DA075-141 Parking Permit Instructions: Submit Online School Payment Receipt with "completed" Parking Permit Application, Copy of Student Drivers License, and Parent-Teen Driving Agreement to the Front Office to receive your permit. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Lockhoff,Susan All Parking N/A $15.00
MRHS Scholars Leadership Donation Campaign DA075-VAR57 DA075-VAR57 Please help support The MRHS Scholars Leadership Program. The MRHS Scholars Leadership Program, formerly known as Delta Scholars, is designed to support and promote academic excellence and build self-esteem in young ladies of color, while building leadership skills through community service. Please consider donating to our program. This year, we have multiple organizations we are supporting including HopeWorks and Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center. Your donations will help us give back to the community and support our in-house community building activities. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High VARIABLE Cherry,Mary N/A MRHS Scholars Leadership N/A $0.00
POMS Team Spirit Wear DA075-967 DA075-967 POMS Team Spirit Wear Fleece pant, hoodie, and tee. Price includes 6% MD Sales Tax. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Williams,Morgan N/A POMS N/A $0.00
Softball Donation Campaign DA075-VAR50 DA075-VAR50 Softball Donation Campaign The Marriotts Ridge Softball Program is looking for the help from our community to raise money for a fence for our softball field. Thank you for your support. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High VARIABLE Parson,Renard N/A Softball N/A $0.00
Table Tennis Club Dues DA075-895 DA075-895 Table Tennis Club Dues 2023-2024 Club dues pay for table tennis equipment. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Crawford,Elizabeth All Table Tennis Club N/A $10.00
Transcript Request 2017-2021 GRADUATES ONLY DA075-609 DA075-609 Transcript Request 2019-2023 GRADUATES ONLY Select number of transcripts under "Quantity" at checkout. Graduates must also submit online transcript request form. To access the form, please copy and paste the following link Transcripts will not be processed until payment AND request form are received. Graduates before 2019, please email [email protected] to request a copy of your transcript. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Deison,Joni N/A Student Services N/A $5.00
UMDMUN V DA075-980 DA075-980 UMDMUN V Model UN qualifying members will participate in UMDMUN V at the University of Maryland, College Park. Fieldtrip permission slips and payment are due no later than March 4th. 0010b00002HJSj0AAH:Marriotts Ridge High FIXED Richards,Renee N/A Model UN Field Trip 4/19/2024 $198.00
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