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Grade 2-The Science Guys DA048-170 DA048-170 Grade 2-The Science Guys In-school field trip. The students will learn about erosion. 0010b00002HJSirAAH:Deep Run Elementary FIXED Prozeralik,Donna 2nd NA 1/27/2023 $7.00
Grade 3-Music Concert Wilde Lake High School DA048-172 DA048-172 Grade 3-Music Concert Wilde Lake High School To develop awareness of the characteristics of musical sounds based on elements and structure, develop the ability to recognize music as a form of individual and cultural expression and to acquaint the students with a variety of styles and genres of music. 0010b00002HJSirAAH:Deep Run Elementary FIXED Stoner,Karen 3rd NA 2/22/2023 $7.00
Learning Together Program-Recc DA048-VAR3 DA048-VAR3 Learning Together Program-Recc Please enter your child's monthly fee. 0010b00002HJSirAAH:Deep Run Elementary VARIABLE Vereb,Pam N/A NA 9/1/2022 $0.00
Recorder Sales DA048-169 DA048-169 Recorder Sales Grade 3- Purchase a recorder by credit card. This is part of the music curriculum concentrating on learning to play the recorder. 0010b00002HJSirAAH:Deep Run Elementary FIXED Monroe,Thomas 3rd General Music 10/11/2022 $4.19
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