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2nd Grade Field Trip - Maryland Science Center DA027-88 DA027-88 2nd Grade Field Trip - Maryland Science Center The second-grade class will be visiting the Maryland Science Center on December 16th. This field trip will encourage students to explore exhibits and make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats. 0010b00002HJSmHAAX:Swansfield Elementary FIXED Agrawal,Sharmila 2nd Science/2nd Grade 12/16/2022 $23.00
Learning Together Program DA027-VAR2 DA027-VAR2 Learning Together Program Please pay your monthly tuition here. 0010b00002HJSmHAAX:Swansfield Elementary VARIABLE Maldonado,Willow N/A PreK/Preschool 9/1/2022 $0.00
Lost Media Books DA027-VAR3 DA027-VAR3 Lost Media Books Please pay price stated on notice sent home. 0010b00002HJSmHAAX:Swansfield Elementary VARIABLE Maimouna,Diomande N/A All Grades 8/29/2022 $0.00
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