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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Chorus Polo DA024-26 DA024-26 Chorus Polo Required chorus polo shirt for all performances during the year. Konick,Joshua All NA 11/4/2019 $18.00
Lost Text Books DA024-VAR3 DA024-VAR3 Lost Text Books Please state the name of the book and the Student's name. Coleman,Regina N/A NA NA $0.00
Music in the Parks Payment Plan DA024-VAR6 DA024-VAR6 Music in the Parks Payment This is a payment option for Music In The Parks Field Trip for Band, Chorus and Orchestra. Please enter student's name and whether it is your first or second payment. Payments can be made in more than two installments, but must fit this timeline: Friday, January 17th - First half of trip cost* due. Friday, March 13th - Remainder of trip cost* due. *trip cost is $115, but some students owe less due to fundraising efforts Konick,Joshua N/A NA 12/10/2019 $0.00
OMMS Donations DA024-VAR2 DA024-VAR2 OMMS Donations Please consider making OMMS part of your charitable giving today. Your generosity will assist the school in meeting the needs of students and provide valuable educational enrichment experiences. Thank you for your generosity and consideration. Donations to Oakland Mills Middle School qualify as a charitable contribution as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. Upon receipt of your donation, Oakland Mills Middle School will provide you with a donation receipt with the tax ID required for your records. Cosentino,Allen N/A NA 9/6/2019 $0.00
PCC Dues DA024-VAR5 DA024-VAR5 PCC Dues The Positive Climate Committee was established to enhance the well-being among staff. The intent is to uplift the spirits of our co-workers as we mold the young minds entrusted to us on a daily basis. The funds collected are intended supplement wellness activities throughout the year. Wright,Philip N/A NA 11/20/2019 $0.00
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