Stevens Forest Elementary

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4th Gr. FT Robinson Nature Center DA005-76 DA005-76 4th Gr. FT Robinson Nature Center Students will journey through 10,000 years of history of our local area. They will walk the trails, encounter a stream crossing and enjoy the scenic route while noting a variety of trees and views of Middle Putuxent River. 0010b00002HJSmIAAX:Stevens Forest Elementary FIXED Patterson,Randy 4th NA NA $10.00
Lost Book Obligation DA005-VAR1 DA005-VAR1 Lost Book Obligation Lost Books to SFES Media Center 0010b00002HJSmIAAX:Stevens Forest Elementary VARIABLE Burnstein,Renee N/A NA NA $0.00
Parent Donations DA005-VAR2 DA005-VAR2 Parent Donations General donations from parents 0010b00002HJSmIAAX:Stevens Forest Elementary VARIABLE Crocamo,Julie All NA NA $0.00
String-a-Palooza DA005-77 DA005-77 String-a-Palooza Students will perform expressively, with appropriate interpretation and technical accuracy, and in a manner appropriate to the audience and context in collaboration with peers from other elementary schools and Oakland Mills High School. Mus s2, Mus s3, Mus s4 Students will evaluate and refine personal and ensemble performances, individually or in collaboration with other elementary school students and students from Oakland Mills High School. Mus s2, Mus s3, Mus s4 0010b00002HJSmIAAX:Stevens Forest Elementary FIXED Bacon,Kristen N/A NA NA $16.00
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