Hickory Career & Arts Magnet

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Chromebook Case KU318-8 KU318-8 Chromebook Case Lost / Broken Case :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet FIXED Lee,Kone All NA NA $13.00
Chromebook Charger KU318-9 KU318-9 Chromebook Charger Lost / Damaged Charger :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet FIXED Lee,Kone All NA NA $37.00
Chromebook Damages KU318-7 KU318-7 Chromebook Damages Chromebook broken screen :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet FIXED Lee,Lee All NA NA $50.00
Donations KU318-6 KU318-6 Donations You may donate any amount to help out with students needs or designate what you would like your donation for. :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet FIXED Dowd,Vee All NA NA $0.00
Drama / Theatre Arts Fee KU318-11 KU318-11 Drama / Theatre Arts Fee Theatre Arts Fee :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet FIXED Finley,Jackie All NA NA $10.00
Drama / Theatre Arts Field Trip KU318-VAR1 KU318-VAR1 Drama / Theatre Arts Field Trip Theatre Arts Field Trip :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet VARIABLE Finley,Jackie All NA NA $0.00
HCAM E-Sports KU318-1 KU318-1 HCAM E-Sports HCAM is sponsoring a virtual gaming E-Sports team. Mrs. Tosky is faculty sponsor. We now have more than 20 students eager to train and compete in HSEL tournaments year-round. Our team license allows students to practice and compete in tournaments at home as well as at school. Advantages include having our students officially registered on Varsity Esports, as well as peer interaction and teacher supervision. HSEL can also connect students with scholarship and college recruiting opportunities. :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet FIXED Tosky,Mary Lee All NA NA $49.00
HCAM ESports Donation KU318-VAR2 KU318-VAR2 HCAM ESports Donation Sponsor students :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet VARIABLE Tosky,Mary Lee All NA NA $0.00
HCAM PTA KU318-13 KU318-13 HCAM PTA School-based organization with a mission to make the school a better place for students to learn. Parents of students work together with teachers to volunteer in classes, raise money for school supplies, and generally support the school's efforts. :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet FIXED Puryear,Eric All NA NA $15.00
HOSA - Health Occupation KU318-VAR5 KU318-VAR5 HOSA - Health Occupation HOSA :Hickory Career & Arts Magnet VARIABLE Walker,Paige All NA NA $0.00