Charles M. Johnson Elementary

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Donations  Charles M. Johnson Elementary EH530-160 EH530-160 Donations Donations Scott,Lisa N/A NA NA $1.00
FR-Feedmore-Haugen  Charles M. Johnson Elementary EH530-189 EH530-189 FR-Feedmore-Haugen Fundraiser Feed More haugen,takkera N/A NA NA $10.00
FT-CMOR-McVey EH530-119 EH530-119 FT-CMOR-Beuchler FT Children's Museum Buechler,Samantha N/A NA NA $3.00
FT-CMOR-Balderson EH530-118 EH530-118 FT-CMOR-Butkiewicz FT Children's Museum Butkiewicz,Jill N/A NA NA $3.00
FT-CMOR-Hunt EH530-117 EH530-117 FT-CMOR-Hunt FT Children's Museum Hunt,Nicole N/A NA NA $3.00
FT-CMOR-White EH530-121 EH530-121 FT-CMOR-White FT Children's Museum White,Elizabeth N/A NA NA $3.00
Other Donations  Charles M. Johnson Elementary EH530-VAR26 EH530-VAR26 Other Donations Donations Freundt,Nicole N/A NA NA $0.00
Va Aquarium-Bavis  Charles M. Johnson Elementary EH530-200 EH530-200 Va Aquarium-Bavis Va Aquarium Bavis,Courtney 5 NA 3/29/2017 $32.00
Va Aquarium-Collier  Charles M. Johnson Elementary EH530-198 EH530-198 Va Aquarium-Collier Va Aquarium Collier,Joann 5 NA 3/29/2017 $32.00
Va Aquarium-Lythgoe  Charles M. Johnson Elementary EH530-197 EH530-197 Va Aquarium-Lythgoe Va Aquarium Lythgoe,Brittany 5 NA 3/29/2017 $32.00
Va Aquarium-Payne  Charles M. Johnson Elementary EH530-199 EH530-199 Va Aquarium-Payne Va Aquarium Payne,Ashley 5 NA 3/29/2017 $32.00
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