Fee Night

Optional Fees
Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Agenda Book EH520-56 EH520-56 Agenda Book Student Planner RECOMMENDED for all students District,Setup N/A NA NA $5.00
PE Shirt 2XL-4XL EH520-33 EH520-33 PE Shirt 2XL-4XL PE Shirt 2XL to 4XL District,Setup N/A NA NA $5.00
PE Shirt S-XL EH520-3 EH520-3 PE Shirt S-XL PE Shirt S-XL District,Setup N/A Category NA $3.00
PE Shorts EH520-4 EH520-4 PE Shorts PE Shorts District,Setup N/A Category NA $6.00
Technology Student Assoc. DUES EH520-54 EH520-54 Technology Student Assoc. DUES VOLUNTARY FOR STUDENTS WHO TOOK A TECHNOLOGY CLASS LAST YEAR OR ARE TAKING ONE THIS YEAR White,Michael N/A NA NA $12.00
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