Fairfield Middle

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
0 EH510-17 FBLA Dues FBLA Dues NA NA NA NA $7.00
0 EH510-18 FCCLA Dues FCCLA Dues NA NA NA NA $13.00
Publications (Including Yearbook)  Fairfield Middle EH510-5 EH510-5 Publications (Including Yearbook) 2016-2017 Publications (Including Yearbook) District,Setup N/A Category NA $25.00
Strings  Fairfield Middle EH510-31 EH510-31 Strings Strings District,Setup N/A NA NA $10.00
Summer School Tuition- Non-Resident  Fairfield Middle EH510-VAR67 EH510-VAR67 Summer School Tuition- Non-Resident SUMMER SCHOOL TUITION-NON RESIDENT NA NA NA NA $0.00
Summer School Tuition- Resident  Fairfield Middle EH510-VAR66 EH510-VAR66 Summer School Tuition- Resident SUMMER SCHOOL TUITION RESIDENT, OF FAIRFIELD MIDDLE NA NA NA NA $0.00
0 EH510-32 Technical Student Association Technical Student Association NA NA NA NA $10.00
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