Moody Middle

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
6th Grade Field Trip  Moody Middle EH390-VAR53 EH390-VAR53 6th Grade Field Trip field trip fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
ACDA- Allstate  Moody Middle EH390-VAR61 EH390-VAR61 ACDA- Allstate chorus association NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Baseball  Moody Middle EH390-VAR37 EH390-VAR37 Athl Baseball Baseball fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Basketball  Moody Middle EH390-VAR31 EH390-VAR31 Athl Basketball Fees for basketball NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Football  Moody Middle EH390-VAR30 EH390-VAR30 Athl Football Fees for football NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Gymnastics  Moody Middle EH390-VAR36 EH390-VAR36 Athl Gymnastics Gymnastic fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Soccer  Moody Middle EH390-VAR29 EH390-VAR29 Athl Soccer Fees for soccer NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Softball  Moody Middle EH390-VAR35 EH390-VAR35 Athl Softball Softball fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Tennis  Moody Middle EH390-VAR32 EH390-VAR32 Athl Tennis Fees for tennis NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Track  Moody Middle EH390-VAR34 EH390-VAR34 Athl Track Fees for track NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athl Wrestling  Moody Middle EH390-VAR33 EH390-VAR33 Athl Wrestling Wrestling fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Athletics  Moody Middle EH390-VAR28 EH390-VAR28 Athletics Athletic Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Band  Moody Middle EH390-VAR38 EH390-VAR38 Band band fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Bus Fee  Moody Middle EH390-VAR69 EH390-VAR69 Bus Fee Bus Fee NA NA NA NA $0.00
Cheerleading  Moody Middle EH390-VAR47 EH390-VAR47 Cheerleading Cheerleading NA NA NA NA $0.00
Chorus  Moody Middle EH390-VAR44 EH390-VAR44 Chorus Chorus account NA NA NA NA $0.00
DRAMA  Moody Middle EH390-VAR64 EH390-VAR64 DRAMA Collections for drama NA NA NA NA $0.00
Drama T Shirts  Moody Middle EH390-53 EH390-53 Drama T Shirts T Shirts For Musical Goss,Victoria All NA NA $10.00
Faculty Fund  Moody Middle EH390-VAR26 EH390-VAR26 Faculty Fund Staff Dues NA NA NA NA $0.00
FBLA  Moody Middle EH390-45 EH390-45 FBLA FBLA Membership Taylor-Harper,Angie All NA NA $7.50
FBLA  Moody Middle EH390-VAR65 EH390-VAR65 FBLA Bus fee's for FBLA NA NA NA NA $0.00
FCA  Moody Middle EH390-VAR67 EH390-VAR67 FCA Payments for pizza NA NA NA NA $0.00
Field Trip- 7th Grade- D.C. Museum  Moody Middle EH390-65 EH390-65 Field Trip- 7th Grade- D.C. Museum Funds for trip Lotze,Robert N/A NA NA $42.00
Field Trip- 8th Grade - The Diamond  Moody Middle EH390-VAR70 EH390-VAR70 Field Trip- 8th Grade - The Diamond 8th Grade Field trip to the Diamond NA NA NA NA $0.00
Field Trip- Agecroft Hall  Moody Middle EH390-49 EH390-49 Field Trip- Agecroft Hall Field trip fees Lind,Courtney N/A NA NA $6.00
Field Trip- French  Moody Middle EH390-62 EH390-62 Field Trip- French field trip for french Rankin,Mark All NA 1/31/2018 $24.00
Field Trip- Music  Moody Middle EH390-46 EH390-46 Field Trip- Music Field trip fees for music department Taylor-Harper,Angie All NA NA $0.00
Field Trip- Theater  Moody Middle EH390-VAR48 EH390-VAR48 Field Trip- Theater Field Trip Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
FLC- FRENCH  Moody Middle EH390-51 EH390-51 FLC- FRENCH French Club Pullin,Kaitlyn N/A NA NA $25.00
FR- Band  Moody Middle EH390-VAR41 EH390-VAR41 FR- Band Fundraiser for band NA NA NA NA $0.00
FR- Gifted Services  Moody Middle EH390-VAR66 EH390-VAR66 FR- Gifted Services T- Shirt fundraiser for gifted services NA NA NA NA $0.00
FR- Strings  Moody Middle EH390-VAR50 EH390-VAR50 FR- Strings Fundraiser for strings NA NA NA NA $0.00
FR-Chorus  Moody Middle EH390-VAR43 EH390-VAR43 FR-Chorus Fundraiser for chorus NA NA NA NA $0.00
FR-VCDA  Moody Middle EH390-VAR42 EH390-VAR42 FR-VCDA Foundraiser for chorus NA NA NA NA $0.00
Gifted KD- Field Trip  Moody Middle EH390-VAR71 EH390-VAR71 Gifted KD- Field Trip Gifted KD field trip NA NA NA NA $0.00
Hall Lock  Moody Middle EH390-6 EH390-6 Hall Lock Hall Lock District,Setup N/A Category NA $1.00
Laptop Fee  Moody Middle EH390-VAR54 EH390-VAR54 Laptop Fee Fees for laptops & chargers NA NA NA NA $0.00
Library  Moody Middle EH390-VAR59 EH390-VAR59 Library Library Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Math Club  Moody Middle EH390-VAR46 EH390-VAR46 Math Club Math Club NA NA NA NA $0.00
Moody Marvels T- Shirt  Moody Middle EH390-67 EH390-67 Moody Marvels T- Shirt T- Shirt sales Taylor-Harper,Angie N/A NA NA $12.00
Other Donations  Moody Middle EH390-VAR56 EH390-VAR56 Other Donations Other Donations NA NA NA NA $0.00
PE Fee  Moody Middle EH390-VAR39 EH390-VAR39 PE Fee PE fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
PE Lock Rental  Moody Middle EH390-1 EH390-1 PE Lock Rental 2016-2017 PE Lock Rental District,Setup N/A Category NA $1.00
PE Shirt Size 2XL - 4XL  Moody Middle EH390-2 EH390-2 PE Shirt Size 2XL - 4XL 2016-2017 PE Shirt Size 2XL - 4XL District,Setup N/A Category NA $5.00
PE Shirt Size S - XL  Moody Middle EH390-3 EH390-3 PE Shirt Size S - XL 2016-2017 PE Shirt Size S - XL District,Setup N/A Category NA $3.00
PE Shorts  Moody Middle EH390-4 EH390-4 PE Shorts 2016-2017 PE Shorts District,Setup N/A Category NA $6.00
Phys Ed  Moody Middle EH390-VAR40 EH390-VAR40 Phys Ed Phys fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Publications (Including Yearbook)  Moody Middle EH390-5 EH390-5 Publications (Including Yearbook) 2016-2017 Publications (Including Yearbook) District,Setup N/A Category NA $25.00
Science Canoe Trip  Moody Middle EH390-66 EH390-66 Science Canoe Trip Canoe Trip Taylor-Harper,Angie N/A NA NA $23.00
Spirit Wear  Moody Middle EH390-VAR27 EH390-VAR27 Spirit Wear Funds for spirit wear NA NA NA NA $0.00
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