Bethel High School

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Drama Club CH002-148 CH002-148 Drama Club Dues Club Dues Adrienne,Barker All NA NA $20.00
Drama Club CH002-147 CH002-147 Drama Field Trip American Shakespeare Field Trip Adrienne,Barker All NA NA $45.00
HOSA CH002-136 CH002-136 HOSA HOSA DUES May,Kathleen All NA 9/19/2018 $20.00
JROTC CH002-37 CH002-37 JROTC Activity fees Coston,Ricky All NA NA $10.00
Yearbook CH002-17 CH002-17 Magazine Poloris Magazine Drax,Latasha All NA NA $5.00
Senior Class Dues CH002-123 CH002-123 Senior Class Dues Option 1: Total package $135.00 Package includes: Prom $100.00 Shirt $10.00 Picnic $25.00 Wilson,Erik 12th NA NA $135.00
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