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SelectImage Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Art, Science, Technology Fee DL609-55 DL609-55 Art, Science, Technology Fee Art, Science, Technology Fee 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Eddy,Cindy N/A NA 7/13/2021 $20.00
Band Fee DL609-6 DL609-6 Band Fee Sheet music, instrument repairs, supplies, equipment purchases. 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Daniels,David N/A NA 9/3/2020 $40.00
Bible History fee DL609-11 DL609-11 Bible History Notebook Notebook used in Bible History class. 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Hixson,Kim N/A NA 8/12/2020 $5.00
Chorus fee DL609-7 DL609-7 Chorus fee Music, CDs, sound system set up and operation, concert venues 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Brock,Carrie N/A NA 7/13/2021 $25.00
Cross Country fee DL609-9 DL609-9 Cross Country fee Participation, uniform, equipment 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Seiler,James N/A NA 8/10/2020 $25.00
Football Fee DL609-5 DL609-5 Football Fee Participation fee for football 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Mills,Harry N/A NA 8/3/2020 $125.00
LMS Cheerleaders T-Shirt & Sweatshirt Sale DL609-VAR5 DL609-VAR5 LMS Cheerleaders T-Shirt & Sweatshirt Sale In Description Box, please enter quantities and sizes. Short Sleeve Tee: $12.00; Long Sleeve Tee: $18.00; Crewneck Sweatshirt $25.00; Sizes Youth Small-Youth XLarge Sizes Adult Small-Adult 3XLarge Funds to be used to purchase new uniforms and other Cheerleading needs. 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle VARIABLE Caldwell,Jennifer N/A NA 8/11/2021 $0.00
Softball Fee DL609-25 DL609-25 Softball Fee Player participation fee. 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Shell,Scott N/A NA 8/1/2020 $50.00
Tennis Fee DL609-26 DL609-26 Tennis Fee Participation fee for Tennis players. 0010b00002HJLfNAAX:Loftis Middle FIXED Holland,Lorrie N/A NA 8/25/2020 $30.00
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