Soddy Daisy Middle

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DL607-54 Art, Science, Technology This fee is to help us purchase equipment and materials for science lab experiments, E-Lab projects, hands-on learning, art exploration, and other items related to student curriculum and school projects that help to ensure the best learning experience for your child. We appreciate your willingness and desire to support our students! 0010b00002HJLevAAH:Soddy Daisy Middle FIXED Miller,Travis N/A NA 8/10/2022 $20.00
DL607-25 Wrestling Participation Fee Fee will assist in covering the costs associated with the sport and should by paid by any student who has been added to the official team roster. 0010b00002HJLevAAH:Soddy Daisy Middle FIXED Roberson,Tyler N/A NA 1/5/2023 $50.00
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