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School Fees DL604-35 DL604-35 Arts, Science and Tech Ed Requested Fee to help cover the class cost of Art supplies (paint, clay, paper, colored pens/pencils, etc); Science and Lab supplies (microscopes, dissection suplies, etc); and Technology supplies (flash drives, paper, cartridges, etc) 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED James,Tracey All NA 7/29/2019 $20.00
Band Fees-Full payment DL604-50 DL604-50 Band Fees-Full payment Band fees full payment $100 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED Johnson,Luke All Instr - Band/Music 7/29/2019 $100.00
Band Fees-quarterly payment DL604-51 DL604-51 Band Fees-quarterly payment Band fees quarterly payment $25.00-the website chgs a fee --The total will be $25 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED Johnson,Luke N/A Instr - Band/Music 7/29/2019 $25.00
Basketball-Boys DL604-23 DL604-23 Basketball-Boys Basketball Fees for boys 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED Williams,Gerald All Athletics 10/1/2020 $80.00
Basketball-Girls DL604-24 DL604-24 Basketball-Girls Girls basketball fees 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED Winder,Nathan All NA 9/24/2018 $80.00
Cheerleading DL604-VAR2 DL604-VAR2 Cheerleading Cheer Fees $650. Please enter the amount that you are paying. These fees help to cover the cost of camps, clothing, shoes, poms, and other cheerleading items. 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle VARIABLE Stephens,Jamie N/A NA NA $0.00
Chorus DL604-31 DL604-31 Chorus Instructional Chorus-for those students enrolled in Chorus-The fee is $35; This fee covers for music, choral travel concerts and competitions, instrument maintenance, tshirts, etc. 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED Vayda,Blake All Instructional-Chorus 7/29/2019 $35.00
Lost Library Books DL604-VAR3 DL604-VAR3 Lost Library Books Payment for lost library books 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle VARIABLE Hartigan,Traci All NA 1/22/2021 $0.00
Soccer Girls Fees DL604-33 DL604-33 Soccer Boys' Fees Soccer Fees 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED Mahoney,Jamie All Athletics 11/1/2017 $60.00
Soccer-Boys DL604-32 DL604-32 Soccer-Girls' Fees Soccer Fees 0010b00002HJLf4AAH:Ooltewah Middle FIXED Fortmiller,Paul All Athletics 11/1/2017 $60.00
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