Soddy Daisy High

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SelectImage Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/SponsorGradeCourse/ClassAct. Date Price
Advanced Placement Test DL508-VAR5 DL508-VAR5 Advanced Placement Test AP Test 96.00 or 53.00 50% by Oct 8 2021 100% by Dec 10 2021 0010b00002HJLewAAH:Soddy Daisy High VARIABLE Swafford,Linda N/A NA NA $0.00
Band Payments DL508-VAR1 DL508-VAR1 Band Payments Band fee payments 2021-2022 0010b00002HJLewAAH:Soddy Daisy High VARIABLE Light,Joshua N/A NA NA $0.00
Cheerleading Fees DL508-VAR6 DL508-VAR6 Cheerleading Fees Cheerleading 20201-2022 season fees 0010b00002HJLewAAH:Soddy Daisy High VARIABLE Dalton,Breanne N/A NA NA $0.00
Chromebook Accessories DL508-VAR2 DL508-VAR2 CHROMEBOOK AND/OR ACCESSORIES Chromebook, Charger, and/or Stylus Replacement Fee Chromebook = $400, Charger = $45, or Stylus = $25 0010b00002HJLewAAH:Soddy Daisy High VARIABLE Jeanne,Mochel N/A NA NA $0.00
Common Grounds DL508-143 DL508-143 Common Grounds ALL drinks are made with caffeine and whole milk unless stipulated oat milk and decaf in the description box 0010b00002HJLewAAH:Soddy Daisy High FIXED Common,Grounds N/A NA NA $5.00
Parking Fee DL508-47 DL508-47 Parking Fee Pkg fee -- Student must login to google classroom using class code (5los3r5) and follow all document instructions. 0010b00002HJLewAAH:Soddy Daisy High FIXED Hensley,Jared N/A NA 8/3/2021 $25.00
Performing Arts DL508-VAR7 DL508-VAR7 Performing Arts Theater/Performing Arts 2021-2022 season fees 0010b00002HJLewAAH:Soddy Daisy High VARIABLE Boydston,Maria N/A NA NA $0.00
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