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Adventure Games  Goochland High School AQ012-23 AQ012-23 Adventure Games Adventure Games is only offered to Junior and Senior class members. Farkas,Wesley All NA NA $40.00
Band Donation  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR21 AQ012-VAR21 Band Donation Thank you for your donation to our GHS band program. NA NA NA NA $0.00
Band Lost Uniform  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR84 AQ012-VAR84 Band Lost Uniform Band Uniforms NA NA NA NA $0.00
Baseball  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR6 AQ012-VAR6 Baseball Funds collected by players to cover the cost of equipment, uniforms and sponsor ads. NA NA NA NA $0.00
Basketball Boys  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR24 AQ012-VAR24 Basketball Boys Boys Basketball NA NA NA NA $0.00
Basketball Girls Team Camp  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR73 AQ012-VAR73 Basketball Girls Team Camp Summer Camp Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Cheer-Summer Camp  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR81 AQ012-VAR81 Cheer-Summer Camp Cheerleading NA NA NA NA $0.00
Chorus Donations  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR19 AQ012-VAR19 Chorus Donations Chorus Patron Donations NA NA NA NA $0.00
Class Fee - Junior  Goochland High School AQ012-17 AQ012-17 Class Fee - Junior Class of 2019!! Mandatory fee for all Juniors!! Hudak,Anne Marie 11 NA 8/1/2017 $25.00
Class Fee - Senior  Goochland High School AQ012-18 AQ012-18 Class Fee - Senior Class of 2018!! Mandatory fee for all Seniors!! Moser,Alexa 12 NA 8/1/2017 $10.00
Donations to GHS  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR70 AQ012-VAR70 Donations to GHS General Donations to GHS NA NA NA NA $0.00
Drama Donations  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR76 AQ012-VAR76 Drama Donations Drama NA NA NA NA $0.00
French Club Dues  Goochland High School AQ012-173 AQ012-173 French Club Dues Latin Club Blackburn,Deborah N/A NA NA $10.00
French Club Exam  Goochland High School AQ012-172 AQ012-172 French Club Exam Latin Club Blackburn,Deborah N/A NA NA $6.00
Industrial Arts - Reg (Shop)  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR83 AQ012-VAR83 Industrial Arts - Reg (Shop) Shop Class NA NA NA NA $0.00
JROTC Fort Lee Field Trip  Goochland High School AQ012-170 AQ012-170 JROTC Fort Lee Field Trip MCJROTC Field Trip Strong,Daniel N/A NA NA $15.00
Junior Achievement  Goochland High School AQ012-171 AQ012-171 Junior Achievement Personal Finance and Economics Field Trip Fowler,Joe N/A NA NA $5.00
Latin Club Dues  Goochland High School AQ012-175 AQ012-175 Latin Club Dues Latin Club Blackburn,Deborah N/A NA NA $10.00
Latin Club Exam  Goochland High School AQ012-174 AQ012-174 Latin Club Exam Latin Club Blackburn,Deborah N/A NA NA $6.00
Lost and Damaged Library Books  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR79 AQ012-VAR79 Lost and Damaged Library Books Learning Commons Lost Library Books NA NA NA NA $0.00
Lost and Damaged Textbooks  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR80 AQ012-VAR80 Lost and Damaged Textbooks Lost Books or Calculators NA NA NA NA $0.00
MacBook Air Insurance payment option  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR10 AQ012-VAR10 MacBook Air Insurance payment option This option is available to students approved for payment plans by a GHS Administrator NA NA NA NA $0.00
MacBook and Technology Replacement  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR78 AQ012-VAR78 MacBook and Technology Replacement Lost Technology Items NA NA NA NA $0.00
Marching Band - Additional T-Shirts  Goochland High School AQ012-176 AQ012-176 Marching Band - Additional T-Shirts Marching Band Given,Mark N/A NA NA $15.00
Marching Band Fee  Goochland High School AQ012-24 AQ012-24 Marching Band Fee Marching Band is offered to all GHS students as an elective or extracurricular activity Givens,Mark All NA 8/1/2017 $100.00
Mu Alpha Theta  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR68 AQ012-VAR68 Mu Alpha Theta Math National Honor Society NA NA NA NA $0.00
National Spanish Honor Society  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR77 AQ012-VAR77 National Spanish Honor Society NHS-Spanish NA NA NA NA $0.00
Parking Fee  Goochland High School AQ012-27 AQ012-27 Parking Fee This option is a privilege to students in possession of a VA state driver's license. This fee must be paid before a pass is issued. Price is reduced during the second semester to $38.00 Snow,Taylor 12 NA 8/1/2017 $20.00
Partial Marching Band Payment  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR1 AQ012-VAR1 Partial Marching Band Payment This payment option is available for active marching band students with an outstanding balance NA NA NA NA $0.00
Robotics  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR72 AQ012-VAR72 Robotics Various Fees NA NA NA NA $0.00
Rose'n'Prose  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR25 AQ012-VAR25 Rose'n'Prose Dead Poet Society Club NA NA NA NA $0.00
SkillsUSA District Comp Entry Fee  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR66 AQ012-VAR66 SkillsUSA District Comp Entry Fee SkillsUSA NA NA NA NA $0.00
Soccer Girls  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR74 AQ012-VAR74 Soccer Girls Girls Soccer NA NA NA NA $0.00
Softball  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR64 AQ012-VAR64 Softball Softball NA NA NA NA $0.00
Student Scholarship Donation  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR14 AQ012-VAR14 Student Scholarship Donation This donation allows staff to wear jeans on Friday and supports the students NA NA NA NA $0.00
Talent Show-Girls Basketball  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR69 AQ012-VAR69 Talent Show-Girls Basketball Girls Basketball NA NA NA NA $0.00
Utility Construction  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR82 AQ012-VAR82 Utility Construction Utility Contruction NA NA NA NA $0.00
Yearbook  Goochland High School AQ012-VAR75 AQ012-VAR75 Yearbook Yearbook NA NA NA NA $0.00
Youth Football Camp  Goochland High School AQ012-192 AQ012-192 Youth Football Camp Football Fundraiser Fruth,Alex N/A NA NA $50.00
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