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2018/2019 Athletic Donation  Goochland Middle School AQ010-VAR2 AQ010-VAR2 2018/2019 Athletic Donation Donation to help provide athletic equipment and uniforms. Summitt,Dan N/A NA 8/14/2017 $0.00
2018/2019 Band Donation  Goochland Middle School AQ010-VAR5 AQ010-VAR5 2018/2019 Band Donation Thank you for your donation to Goochland Middle School Band! Sykes,Jay N/A NA 8/21/2017 $0.00
2018/2019 Basketball Season Meal  Goochland Middle School AQ010-156 AQ010-156 2018/2019 Basketball Season Meal Purchase a meal for your basketball player to be picked up before a game. Summitt,Dan N/A NA 11/15/2018 $6.00
2018/2019 Chorus Donation  Goochland Middle School AQ010-92 AQ010-92 2018/2019 Chorus Donation Please consider making a donation for our chorus program. Duty,Susan N/A NA 10/13/2017 $25.00
2018/2019 GMS Donation  Goochland Middle School AQ010-VAR1 AQ010-VAR1 2018/2019 GMS Donation Thank you for your donation to Goochland Middle School! Hobbs,Lisa N/A NA 8/21/2017 $0.00
2018/2019 iPad Insurance  Goochland Middle School AQ010-150 AQ010-150 2018/2019 iPad Insurance iPad insurance for the school year 2018/2019. Falconer,Stephanie N/A NA 7/16/2018 $20.00
2018/2019 iPad Payment  Goochland Middle School AQ010-VAR4 AQ010-VAR4 2018/2019 iPad Payment In order to make a payment towards iPad Insurance. Principal Approval Required. Falconer,Stephanie N/A NA 8/23/2017 $0.00
2017/2018 Lost Book Fee AQ010-VAR6 AQ010-VAR6 2018/2019 Lost Book Fee Please enter the amount of the fee for any GMS lost text books and/or library books. Falconer,Stephanie N/A NA 8/21/2017 $0.00
Modern Smarts Club Donation AQ010-VAR10 AQ010-VAR10 2018/2019 Modern Smarts Club Donation Thank you for your generous donation towards the Goochland Middle School Modern Smarts Club Frago,James N/A NA NA $0.00
2018/2019 PE Donation  Goochland Middle School AQ010-VAR8 AQ010-VAR8 2018/2019 PE Donation Donation to help provide equipment for PE. Hansen,Erik N/A NA 8/14/2017 $0.00
Boys Basketball Warm-Up Set  Goochland Middle School AQ010-155 AQ010-155 Boys Basketball Warm-Up Set 18.19 Boys basketball warm-up set. Summitt,Dan N/A NA 11/15/2018 $20.00
FCCLA Membership  Goochland Middle School AQ010-107 AQ010-107 FCCLA Membership Family Career and Community Leaders of America membership dues. Brooks,Lori N/A NA 11/10/2017 $15.00
Girls Basketball Warm-Up Set  Goochland Middle School AQ010-154 AQ010-154 Girls Basketball Warm-Up Set 18.19 Girls basketball warm-up set. Summitt,Dan N/A NA 11/15/2018 $20.00
GMS Band Polo AQ010-100 AQ010-100 GMS Band Polo Polo shirt for band. Adult sizes only. Sykes,Jay N/A NA 11/8/2017 $16.00
Hospitality AQ010-34 AQ010-34 Hospitality Hospitality Dues - ONLY Teachers and staff of GMS ONLY Hobbs,Lisa N/A NA NA $15.00
iPad Case AQ010-89 AQ010-89 iPad Case Replacement cost for student's iPad case. Falconer,Stephanie N/A NA 10/6/2017 $28.00
PE Shirt  Goochland Middle School AQ010-54 AQ010-54 PE Shirt GMS gym shirt. Erik,Hansen N/A NA 8/21/2017 $5.00
PE Shorts  Goochland Middle School AQ010-60 AQ010-60 PE Shorts GMS gym shorts. Erik,Hansen N/A NA 8/21/2017 $10.00
VA Repertory Theater Field Trip  Goochland Middle School AQ010-157 AQ010-157 VA Repertory Theater Field Trip 18.19 Field Trip to the Virginia Repertory Theater. Hobbs,Lisa N/A NA NA $15.00
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