North Springs Charter HS

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
EN707-29 All State Round II - GMEA Craven,William All NA 1/18/2018 $20.00
Final audition for All State Chorus - only for those who passed Audition I. No Refunds - See Mr. Craven.
EN707-85 Baseball gershon,Matt All NA NA $100.00
Player Fees for 2018 Baseball Season No Refunds
EN707-47 Boys Golf Powers,Todd All NA 10/1/2017 $200.00
Golf Dues for 2017-2018 Season
EN707-44 Boys Soccer Bratton,Bill All NA 1/16/2018 $150.00
Player Fees for 2018 School Year.
EN707-34 Cheerleading Jemison,Alexandria All NA 8/18/2017 $100.00
Participation fees for 2018 Season No Refunds.
EN707-17 Chorus Dues Craven,William All NA 8/7/2017 $100.00
All NSHS Choirs Due- No Refunds
EN707-66 CHORUS MEN'S TUX (UNIFORMS) Craven,William All NA NA $25.00
Men's Tux - No Refunds. 5 payments @ $25.00
EN707-67 CHORUS MEN'S TUX (UNIFORMS) Craven,William All NA NA $125.00
Men's Tux (Uniforms) Full Payment of $125.00 No Refunds.
EN707-22 Chorus Uniforms Craven,William All NA 8/8/2017 $70.00
Choral Dresses and Uniforms No Refunds through OSP
EN707-69 Ent - ASP Business Account Daniel,Kimberly All NA NA $20.00
Business Collaboration T-Shirts/Wristbands. No Refunds. After School Program Participants/Students.
Purchasing Wrist Bands: Dream-Fear-Chase; The Grind Don't Stop; If you can soar, you can't fall. Purchasing Lanyards: No Such Thing As Last.
EN707-33 FBLA Dues Holloway,Sallie All NA 8/16/2017 $25.00
Membership dues for 2017-2018
EN707-97 FBLA STATE CONFERENCE 1/2 PAYMENT Holloway,Sallie All NA NA $90.00
EN707-25 Fencing Brooking,Roberts All NA 8/17/2017 $200.00
Fencing Dues No Refunds - Must speak to coach
EN707-103 Fulton Forum Language Competition Ferris,Julie All World Language 3/5/2018 $9.00
World Language Levels 1-AP
EN707-95 Girls Lacrosse fleetwood,Teryn All NA NA $100.00
Player Fees for 2018 Season
EN707-28 GMEA - All State First Audition Craven,William All NA 11/11/2017 $25.00
Fee for those Students wishing to audition for the All State Choirs. No Refunds. Must discuss with Mr. Craven.
EN707-26 GMEA - All State Reading Choir Craven,William All NA 10/1/2017 $25.00
This auditioned Choir is strictly for the Master Sight Singer. No Refunds
EN707-30 Honor Choir - District V - GMEA Craven,William All NA 10/27/2017 $30.00
A choir for exceptional singers chosen by Director Craven. No Refunds - Must discuss with Mr. Craven.
EN707-14 HOSA Diener,Paulette All NA 8/1/2017 $35.00
Student Organization for Future Healthcare Professionals.
EN707-84 Into the Woods - Spring Musical 2018 owens,jon All NA NA $100.00
Production Fee
EN707-48 JROTC Powers,Todd All NA 8/1/2017 $1.00
Fundraiser for Award Ceremony and Military Ball 2018.
EN707-77 JV Girls Soccer Registration Paris,Amanda All NA NA $150.00
Player Fees
EN707-68 Lacrosse Boys - Varsity Lipscomb,Karen All NA NA $100.00
Spring Athletic Team - North Springs Athletic Fees - Season starts 1.10.2018
EN707-5 Lockers Ritchie,Gail All NA 8/1/2017 $10.00
Student Lockers for 9-12. No refunds.
EN707-99 Marta Passes roberts,ruvae All NA 2/8/2018 $15.40
Marta Passes for students available for payment online for limited time. Take confirmation/receipt number to Mrs. Roberts - Bookkeeper - in Main office to receive ticket. This is available online for limited time.
EN707-23 Music Technology Class Craven,William All NA 8/7/2017 $20.00
Equipment Fee - No Refunds
EN707-75 National Honor Society - Juniors Kaminsky,Gwen 11th NA 12/6/2017 $25.00
Dues for 2018 School Year.
EN707-74 National Honor Society - Seniors Kaminsky,Gwen 12th NA 12/6/2017 $40.00
Dues for 2018 School Year.
EN707-7 Orchestra Landreau,James All Orchestra 8/1/2017 $50.00
Annual required dues for Orchestra Student activities and fees. Discuss any refunds with James Landreau. No refunds are available thru online payment site.
EN707-89 Prom 2018 Tickets - Juniors Zachry,Kristie 11th NA NA $80.00
Tickets for Juniors
EN707-93 Prom 2018 Tickets - Seniors Zachry,Kristie 12th NA NA $80.00
Tickets for Prom - Seniors Only
EN707-86 Senior Dues Landreau,James 12th NA NA $120.00
Fee for Senior Activities and Events 2018 School Year No Refunds
EN707-31 Solo and Ensemble - GMEA Craven,William All NA 8/15/2017 $12.00
Adjudicated solo or small group. No Refunds - see Mr. Craven.
EN707-20 Spartan Mixes Craven,William All NA 9/15/2017 $25.00
Music Tech Club No Refunds
EN707-VAR2 Technology - Lost/Damaged NA NA NA NA $0.00
Payments for Damaged or Lost Technology Tools issued by School. (Tablets, Adapters and Cords)
EN707-80 Tennis Fees for Girls - 2018 Season Hunt,Quinton All NA NA $100.00
Participation Fees for Girls 2018 Season
EN707-79 Tennis Team - Boys - 2018 Season Hunt,Quinton All NA 1/10/2018 $100.00
Participation Dues for Boys Tennis 2018 Season
EN707-16 Track - Boys Weaver,Josh All NA 11/1/2017 $250.00
Boys Track for 2017-18 Season
EN707-18 Tri-M Music Honor Society - 11th Graders Craven,William 11th NA 9/15/2017 $25.00
National Music Honor Society
EN707-19 Tri-M Music Honor Society - 12th Graders Craven,William 12th NA 9/15/2017 $25.00
National Music Honor Society No Refunds
EN707-12 Varsity Girls Soccer Paris,Amanda All NA 1/1/2018 $200.00
Player/Participation Fees for 2017-18 Season
EN707-24 Wrestling Brooking,Roberts All NA 8/9/2017 $250.00
Player Fees No Refunds online - must go thru Coach