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EN617-176 Band Activity Fee At WBMS, we work to create vibrant, rigorous music programs that inspire passion in our students. Unfortunately, music programs are very costly and supply-intensive. In lieu of fundraisers, our band are asking families to contribute $80/performer. Please email me at if your family is unable to pay the fee. Money will never keep a child from our programs. FIXED Stroud,Stephen N/A NA NA $80.00
EN617-197 Band-All State Audition Fee All State Fee Audition Fee FIXED Stroud,Stephen N/A NA NA $25.00
EN617-177 Band-Instrument Rental Fee-Annual Fee This fee is for instruments rented from the school. FIXED Stroud,Stephen N/A NA NA $50.00
EN617-173 Band-Solo & Ensemble Payment Solo and Ensemble Registration Due for all interested band students - Solo $12, Ensemble, $12 FIXED Stroud,Stephen N/A NA NA $12.00
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