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ANIME CLUB Fee EN604-151 EN604-151 ANIME CLUB Fee Anime Club was created to provide a fun place for students to socialize and partake in Japanese anime and manga culture, and to develop appreciation for Art and Japanese culture. 0010b00002HJy6qAAD:Crabapple MS FIXED Ess,Karla N/A NA NA $20.00
Atlanta Debate Meal EN604-150 EN604-150 Atlanta Debate Meal Students participating in the Atlanta Debate Club have the option to prepay for their event meal through this link. Cost: $5.00 per event. Meal includes: 2 slices of pizza and a drink. If you opt out this option, you will need to provide your own meal during the event. 0010b00002HJy6qAAD:Crabapple MS FIXED Jeffries,Clarence N/A NA NA $5.00
Science Olympiad Team EN604-179 EN604-179 Science Olympiad Team Students interested in participating in the Science Olympiad Club can pay for the year fee through this link. The fee includes: registration fees, t-shirt, food for competitions, invitational fees, lab kits and general supplies. 0010b00002HJy6qAAD:Crabapple MS FIXED Rockstroh,Nicole N/A NA NA $100.00
Student Agendas fee for 2022-2023 EN604-141 EN604-141 Student Agendas fee for 2022-2023 Parents can purchase student agendas for 2022-2023 through this link. Please specify the student name. 0010b00002HJy6qAAD:Crabapple MS FIXED Martin,Daniela N/A NA NA $5.00
Student locker fee 2022-2023 EN604-140 EN604-140 Student locker fee 2022-2023 The locker fee provides students access to an assigned locker for the second semester. 0010b00002HJy6qAAD:Crabapple MS FIXED Martin,Daniela N/A NA NA $10.00
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