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Band Fees EB420-20 EB420-20 Band Fees Band Fees Pizzo,Andy All Band 6/1/2016 $30.00
Band Instrument Rental Fee EB420-24 EB420-24 Band Instrument Rental Fee Band members who will be renting EBR/SMAMS issued instrument from Mr. Pizzo $25 per semester or $50 a year Pizzo,Andy All Band 6/1/2017 $25.00
Band Shirts EB420-21 EB420-21 Band Shirts Performance uniform shirt which is required for all new members and returning members who needs to order a replacement. If you already have a band shirt that still fits, you do not need to order another one. Pizzo,Andy All Band 6/1/2017 $20.00
Beginning Art Class Fee EB420-36 EB420-36 Beginning Art Class Fee This fee covers the cost of a spiral bound art sketch book as well as a variety of art supplies the students will use throughout the course Trigg,Mary All NA 6/1/2017 $10.00
Choir Class Fee EB420-28 EB420-28 Choir Class Fee All choir students will pay this fee Eaves,Gabrielle All NA 6/1/2017 $25.00
Choir Uniform Shirt Fee EB420-29 EB420-29 Choir Uniform Shirt Fee Performance uniform shirt required for all choir members. If you already have a shirt from previous years, and it is in good condition you do not need to purchase a new one. Eaves,Gabrielle All NA 6/1/2017 $15.00
Extended Day - Registration Fees EB420-2 EB420-2 Extended Day - Registration Fees Registration to hold spot for Extended Day Calix,Ashley All NA 6/1/2018 $30.00
Extended Day Payments EB420-VAR2 EB420-VAR2 Extended Day Payments Extended Day Payments, of Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet Calix,Ashley N/A NA NA $0.00
Grade Level Shirts EB420-14 EB420-14 Grade Level Shirts These shirts may be worn in lieu of the navy blue polo shirt. Each grade level is a different color. 6th - Navy 7th - Orange 8th - Black Olinde,Marcia All NA 6/1/2018 $10.00
Instructional Fees EB420-10 EB420-10 Instructional Fees This fee buys consumable classroom instructional materials, copying/duplicating supplies, and technology needs. Olinde,Marcia All NA 6/1/2018 $75.00
Math Technology Fee EB420-19 EB420-19 Math Technology Fee Math Technology Fee This is required for all students Daniels,Kimberly All NA 6/1/2018 $40.00
Orchestra - Class Fees EB420-25 EB420-25 Orchestra - Class Fees Class Fees - Eliason,James All Strings 6/1/2017 $20.00
Orchestra - Instrument Rental Fee EB420-27 EB420-27 Orchestra - Instrument Rental Fee Rental fee for instruments rented from EBR Parish. Each Semester is $25.00 Eliason,James All NA 6/1/2017 $50.00
Orchestra - Shirts EB420-26 EB420-26 Orchestra - Shirts These shirts are to wear at performances Eliason,James All NA 6/1/2017 $20.00
Pe Shirts/Shorts EB420-11 EB420-11 Pe Shirts/Shorts These may be bought individually Randolph,Clayton All NA 6/1/2018 $12.50
PE UNIFORMS EB420-8 EB420-8 PE UNIFORMS Pe Uniforms Randolph,Clayton All NA 6/1/2018 $25.00
Piano Class Fees EB420-30 EB420-30 Piano Class Fees Class fee for all piano students. Eaves,Gabrielle All NA 6/1/2017 $20.00
Sherwood Hooded Jackets EB420-13 EB420-13 Sherwood Hooded Jackets Navy blue zip up jacket with hood, this may also be worn all day. Olinde,Marcia All NA 6/1/2018 $30.00
Sherwood Insulated Cups EB420-15 EB420-15 Sherwood Insulated Cups Insulated cups with Sherwood's logo on them Olinde,Marcia All NA 6/1/2018 $5.00
Sherwood Middle Pencil Bags EB420-16 EB420-16 Sherwood Middle Pencil Bags Blue Pencil Bags with SMAMS on the front in orange Olinde,Marcia All NA 6/1/2018 $3.00
Sherwood Sweatshirts EB420-12 EB420-12 Sherwood Sweatshirts These may be worn all day over uniform shirts Olinde,Marcia All NA 6/1/2018 $15.00
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