Parkview Elementary

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Lewis-Class Fee EB333-19 EB333-19 Alonzo-Class Fee Classroom Fee Alonzo,Kimberly 2nd NA NA $20.00
Goodlife-Art Class FEe EB333-40 EB333-40 -Art Class FEe Art Supply Fee Kelso,Elizabeth N/A NA NA $20.00
Watts-Class Fee EB333-17 EB333-17 Beard-Class Fee Classroom Fee Beard,Sydney 2nd NA NA $20.00
Boria-Class Fee EB333-32 EB333-32 Boria-Class Fee Classroom Fee Christopher,Micaela 5th NA NA $20.00
Bush-Class Fee EB333-22 EB333-22 Bush-Class Fee Classroom Fee Bush,Susan 3rd NA NA $20.00
Cherry-Class Fee EB333-15 EB333-15 Cherry-Class Fee Classroom Fee Cherry,Samantha 1st NA NA $20.00
Hillers-Class Fee EB333-31 EB333-31 Christopher-Class Fee Classroom Fee Christopher,Micaela 5th NA NA $20.00
Cisneros-Class Fee EB333-25 EB333-25 Cisneros-Class Fee Classroom Fee Cisneros,Phyllis 3rd NA NA $20.00
Gahn-Class Fee EB333-33 EB333-33 Coldwell-Class Fee Classroom Fee Coldwell,Mary 5th NA NA $20.00
Cordero-Class Fee EB333-37 EB333-37 Cordero-Class Fee Classroom Fee Cordero,Myrta N/A NA NA $20.00
Bordelon-Class Fee EB333-28 EB333-28 Cullen-Class Fee Classroom Fee Cullen,Rebecca 4th NA NA $25.00
Elgin-Class Fee EB333-5 EB333-5 Falgoust-Class Fee Classroom Fee Falgoust,Rebecca Kindergarten NA NA $20.00
Gilcrease-Class Fee EB333-34 EB333-34 Farrar-Class Fee Classroom Fee Farrar,Morganne 5th NA NA $20.00
Frazier-Class Fee EB333-52 EB333-52 Frazier-Class Fee Classroom Fee Frazier,Perpetra Kindergarten NA NA $20.00
Gathreaux-Class Fee EB333-8 EB333-8 Gathreaux-Class Fee Classroom Fee Gauthreaux,Kathryn Kindergarten NA NA $20.00
McKee-Class Fee EB333-11 EB333-11 Gilcrease-Class Fee Classroom Fee Gilcrease,Selena 1st NA 8/8/2019 $20.00
Halphen-Class Fee EB333-29 EB333-29 Halphen-Class Fee Classroom Fee Halphen,Kathryn 4th NA NA $25.00
Vige-Class Fee EB333-12 EB333-12 Hutchcraft-Class Fee Classroom Fee Hutchcraft,Sandra 1st NA 8/8/2019 $20.00
James-Class Fee EB333-21 EB333-21 James-Class Fee Classroom Fee James,Elizabeth 3rd NA NA $20.00
Kasten-Class Fee EB333-27 EB333-27 Kasten-Class Fee Classroom Fee Kasten,Lindsay 4th NA NA $25.00
Landon-Drama Fee EB333-41 EB333-41 Landon-Drama Fee Drama Supply Fee Leicester,Landon N/A NA NA $20.00
Gilleland-Class Fee EB333-14 EB333-14 Lewis-Class Fee Classroom Fee Lewis,Damaris 1st NA 8/8/2019 $20.00
Lindsey-Class Fee EB333-30 EB333-30 Lindsey-Class Fee Classroom Fee Lindsey,Danielle 4th NA NA $25.00
Manuel-Class Fee EB333-26 EB333-26 Manuel-Class Fee Classroom Fee Manuel,Emily 3rd NA NA $20.00
Marsala-Class Fee EB333-36 EB333-36 Marsala-Class Fee Classroom Fee Marsala,Carrie N/A NA NA $45.00
Mills-Class Fee EB333-7 EB333-7 Mills-Class Fee Classroom Fee Mills,Katherine Kindergarten NA NA $20.00
Dahlgren-Class Fee EB333-10 EB333-10 Murphy-Class Fee Classroom Fee Melissa,Murphy Kindergarten NA 8/8/2019 $20.00
Parkview Aftercare EB333-38 EB333-38 Parkview Aftercare Parkview Aftercare Program $60 a week per child Kelso,Elizabeth All NA NA $60.00
Patout-Class Fee EB333-13 EB333-13 Patout-Class Fee Classroom Fee Patout,Sherry 1st NA NA $20.00
Richard-Class Fee EB333-75 EB333-75 Richard-Class Fee Classroom Fee Richard,Darlene Pre-K NA NA $35.00
Slavich-Class Fee EB333-16 EB333-16 Slavich-Class Fee Classroom Fee Slavich,Alyssa 2nd NA NA $20.00
Pearce-Class Fee EB333-23 EB333-23 Vance-Class Fee Classroom Fee Vance,Laura 3rd NA NA $20.00
Virgets-Class Fee EB333-20 EB333-20 Virgets-Class Fee Classroom Fee Virgets,Natalie 2nd NA NA $20.00
Wilton-Class Fee EB333-18 EB333-18 Wilton-Class Fee Classroom Fee Wilton,Stacey 2nd NA NA $20.00
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