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Mr. West Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-29 EB252-29 Mr. West Supply Fee Mr. West (8th grade) supply fee. Reggie,West All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Ayala Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-28 EB252-28 Mrs. Ayala Supply Fee Mrs. Ayala (8th grade) supply fee. Ayala,Jessica All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Edwards- Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-6 EB252-6 Mrs. Edwards- Supply Fee Mrs. Edwards (3rd grade) supply fee. Edwards,Jean All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Graham-Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-7 EB252-7 Mrs. Graham-Supply Fee Mrs. Graham (3rd grade) supply fee. Graham,Tegan All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Hutchinson Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-25 EB252-25 Mrs. Hutchinson Supply Fee Mrs. Hutchinson 7th Grade supply fee. Hutchinson,Annabel All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Juneau-Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-10 EB252-10 Mrs. Juneau-Supply Fee Mrs. Juneau (5th grade) supply fee. Juneau,Maranda All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Nguyen-Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-31 EB252-31 Mrs. Nguyen-Supply Fee Mrs. Nguyen (Kindergarten) Supply Fee. Nguyen,Jennifer All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Randolph Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-27 EB252-27 Mrs. Randolph Supply Fee Mrs. Randolph (6th grade) supply fee. Randolph,Renee All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Mrs. Wood-Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-1 EB252-1 Mrs. Wood-Supply Fee Mrs. Wood (Kindergarten) Supply Fee. Wood,Barbara All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms, Dyer -Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-4 EB252-4 Ms, Dyer -Supply Fee Ms. Dyer (2nd grade) supply fee. Dyer,Brittany All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Bailey Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-24 EB252-24 Ms. Bailey Supply Fee Ms. Bailey 7th Grade supply fee. Bailey,Megan All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Baker Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-9 EB252-9 Ms. Baker Supply Fee Ms. Baker 7th Grade supply fee. Baker,Cathy All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Barber- Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-33 EB252-33 Ms. Barber- Supply Fee Ms. barber (1st grade) supply fee. Barber,Carrie All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Brown- Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-3 EB252-3 Ms. Brown- Supply Fee Ms. Brown (1st grade) supply fee. Brown,Shani All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Fage- Supply fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-18 EB252-18 Ms. Fage- Supply fee Ms. Fage (4th grade) supply fee Fage,Katelyn All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Kron-Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-32 EB252-32 Ms. Kron-Supply Fee Ms. Kron (5th grade) supply fee. Kron,lauren All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Laley Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-26 EB252-26 Ms. Laley Supply Fee Ms. Laley (6th grade) supply fee. Laley,Katherine All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Merriman- Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-5 EB252-5 Ms. Merriman- Supply Fee Ms. Merriman (2nd grade) supply fee. Merriman,Morgan All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Reimsnyder- Supply fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-35 EB252-35 Ms. Reimsnyder- Supply fee Ms. Reimsnyder (4th grade) supply fee Reimsnyder,Mackenzie All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms. Washington Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-34 EB252-34 Ms. Washington Supply Fee Ms. Washington (8th grade) supply fee. Washington,Dereka All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Ms.Sedlock Supply Fee  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-11 EB252-11 Ms.Sedlock Supply Fee Ms. Sedlock (6th grade) supply fee. Sedlock,Kristen All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
Weekly AfterCare  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-22 EB252-22 Weekly AfterCare Weekly Aftercare $50.00 Luker,Shari All NA 8/6/2018 $50.00
Weekly Morning and AfterCare  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-23 EB252-23 Weekly Morning and AfterCare Weekly Morning and Aftercare $75.00 Luker,Shari All NA 8/6/2018 $75.00
Weekly Morning Care  Mayfair Laboratory                                  EB252-21 EB252-21 Weekly Morning Care Weekly Morning Care Payments Luker,Shari All NA 8/6/2018 $25.00
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