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ASL Honor Society BG094-155 BG094-155 ASL Honor Society Pay for ASL Honor Society Dues Trowbridge-Dinyari,Glenda 12th NA NA $5.00
CARE BG094-95 BG094-95 CARE Donate to JHS Staff CARE Committee. Funds used for staff special events, sympathy, remembrance, and special recognitions. Please consider donating more than $5.00 at checkout. Thank you! Burke,Hannah N/A N/A NA $5.00
Ceramics Sculpture Fee BG094-277 BG094-277 Ceramics Sculpture Fee Pay for Ceramic Sculpture fees Lucas,Wertz N/A NA NA $20.00
Choral Department Dress BG094-275 BG094-275 Choral Department Dress Pay for Chorus dress Huber,Corinne N/A NA NA $80.00
Choral Department Tuxedo BG094-276 BG094-276 Choral Department Tuxedo Pay for Chorus Tuxedo here Huber,Corinne N/A NA NA $100.00
Choral Deptartment Dues 2019-2020 BG094-274 BG094-274 Choral Deptartment Dues Pays for outfit, tshirts, etc. Huber,Corinne All NA NA $30.00
Chorus Payment Plan BG094-291 BG094-291 Chorus Payment Plan Payment plan for costumes and dues. Please indicate in description area what the payment should go towards. Huber,Corinne All NA NA $10.00
Chorus-Honors Chorus BG094-292 BG094-292 Chorus-Honors Chorus Pay Registration here (ACDA) Huber,Corinne N/A NA NA $30.00
Culinary Arts Donation BG094-235 BG094-235 Culinary Arts Donation Donate to the Culinary Arts Program Andrew,Somers All NA NA $25.00
Dance Fees- Proficiency BG094-284 BG094-284 Dance Fees- Proficiency PROFICIENCY Dillard,Kaykeel N/A NA NA $150.00
Dance Fees-Advanced BG094-279 BG094-279 Dance Fees-Advanced ADVANCED DANCE Dillard,Kaykeel N/A NA NA $175.00
Dance Fees-Beginning BG094-281 BG094-281 Dance Fees-Beginning BEGINNING Dillard,Kaykeel N/A NA NA $115.00
Dance Fees BG094-278 BG094-278 Dance Fees-Choreography CHOREOGRAPHY Dillard,Kaykeel N/A NA NA $200.00
Dance Fees-Installment BG094-282 BG094-282 Dance Fees-Installment INSTALLMENT PLAN- Make payments for ALL dance fee categories. Dillard,Kaykeel N/A NA NA $10.00
Dance Fees-Intermediate BG094-280 BG094-280 Dance Fees-Intermediate INTERMEDIATE Dillard,Kaykeel N/A NA NA $125.00
Dance-Donations BG094-283 BG094-283 Dance-Donations Please consider donating to our dance program. Donate more by adding desired quantity to the cart at checkout. Dillard,Kaykeel N/A NA NA $5.00
FFA Dues BG094-240 BG094-240 FFA Dues Dues for FFA students Sommerfield,Kelsie All NA NA $15.00
Freshman Academy Donation BG094-203 BG094-203 Freshman Academy Donation Donate to help fund student orientation, field trips, etc. Donations can be made in multiples of $10 here. Thank you for your support! Aharon,Chad N/A NA NA $10.00
National Honor Society BG094-111 BG094-111 National Honor Society NHS membership dues due by December 16. Burke,Hannah 12th NA NA $25.00
Open Lunch Pass BG094-271 BG094-271 Open Lunch Pass Pickup your lunch pass in main office on the following dates: July 22-25 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM July 29 - August 1 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM August 12 - August 23 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Bring your contract and proof of payment. Ganim,Roger N/A NA NA $15.00
Parking Permit-Lottery II BG094-166 BG094-166 Parking Permit-Lottery II Seniors and Juniors pay here from August 5 - August 14. Bring (2) proof of payment (2) copy of driver's license. Ganim,Roger 11th NA NA $75.00
Photography Lab Fee BG094-117 BG094-117 Photography Lab Fee Beginning and Intermediate Photo class fee. Lucas,Wertz All Photography Class NA $20.00
Seniors ONLY -  Painted Parking Spot! BG094-285 BG094-285 Seniors ONLY - Painted Parking Spot! Attention Seniors. PAINT YOUR PARKING SPOT. Pick up contract in the front office for details and restrictions, etc. (or see Mr. Ganim) Ganim,Roger N/A NA NA $10.00
UNC-Playmakers' Reperatory Theatre BG094-286 BG094-286 UNC-Playmakers' Reperatory Theatre Field trip March, 19 2020 Sponsors: Daniel Miller & Emmalea Couch Miller,Daniel N/A NA NA $16.00
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