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1st Museum of Life & Science $8.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-326 BG010-326 1st Museum of Life & Science $8.00 Thursday 10/25/18 Students will participate in the program "Pushes & Pulls" which will expand and supplement our Q1 Science standards. Emily,Connelly N/A NA NA $8.00
2nd-Carolina Theatre  $2.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-330 BG010-330 2nd-Carolina Theatre $2.00 Tuesday Oct. 16, 2018 - Students will appreciate the music of Columbia & Ecuador Gibbs,Leah N/A NA NA $2.00
2nd-Schoolhouse of Wonder  $11.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-325 BG010-325 2nd-Schoolhouse of Wonder $11.00 Tuesday Nov. 13, 2018 - Trading & exchange of goods between Native groups & early pioneers. Importance of storytelling Gibbs,Leah N/A NA NA $11.00
4th-Mountains  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-329 BG010-329 4th-Mountains Thursday 10/25/18 *Will cover Science curriculum-4.E.2 Fossils, 4.P.2.3 Classify Rocks, 4.p.2.1 Physical Properties of Matter. Duarte,Flavia N/A NA NA $0.00
5th - 2019 DC Trip  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-324 BG010-324 5th - 2019 DC Trip Ntnl 4H Conference Ctr. (leaving 4/24/19, returning 4/25/19) 2 day DC Trip - Visiting the nation's capital city fits 5th gr curriculum & gives the students a chance to visit museums and parts of the nation's Govt. This is an appropriate culminating event for all 5th graders. Debra,Bowling N/A NA NA $0.00
Birthday Book Club Donation  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-320 BG010-320 Birthday Book Club Donation The Birthday Book Club is open to everyone in the school community and a wonderful way to celebrate each other and promote the lifelong love of reading. All proceeds will go directly into a fund to buy more books for our students! For a minimum donation of $11, $16 or $22 your child will have a new book dedicated in his/her name in the Media Center. This book will remain in the Media Center collection for all the students at Club Blvd. to read. Husketh,Emily N/A NA NA $0.00
FIELD TRIP SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-97 BG010-97 FIELD TRIP SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS If you would like to donate more than $6, please click "Pay Obligations" above then select "Field trip scholarship donations" and follow the screen prompts. We thank you for your donation! Williams-Capers,Kim All NA 10/2/2013 $6.00
K-Browns Farm  $11.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-331 BG010-331 K-Browns Farm $11.00 Tuesday Oct. 30, 2018 - Community helpers growing cycle & how things change over time. Tina,Casto N/A NA NA $11.00
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