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1st Museum of Life & Science $8.00 BG010-326 BG010-326 1st Museum of Life & Science 10/25/18 $8.00 Thursday 10/25/18 Students will participate in the program "Pushes & Pulls" which will expand and supplement our Q1 Science standards. Emily,Connelly N/A NA NA $8.00
1st-MAPLE VIEW FARMS 4/10/19  $18.00 BG010-343 BG010-343 1st-MAPLE VIEW FARMS 4/10/19 $18.00 Students will participate in 4 rotation stations that align with our Science standards, Earth materials like soil, & water, Plants, and Social Studies standards about goods & services Sara,Bordeaux 1st NA 3/1/2019 $18.00
1st-NC Zoo 5/16/19  $25.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-345 BG010-345 1st-NC Zoo 5/16/19 $25.00 NC Zoo Thursday May. 16, 2019 - Students will summarize the basic needs of a variety of different animals, and living organisms for energy and growth. Overby,Laura N/A NA NA $25.00
2st-Planetarium 1/17/19  $11.00 BG010-333 BG010-333 1st-Planetarium 1/17/19 $11.00 Morehead Planetarium Thursday Jan. 17, 2019 - The program aligns with our Q2 Science standards (recognizing & identifying characteristics of the night and day skies) Abby,Bartel N/A NA NA $11.00
2nd-Carolina Theatre  $2.00 BG010-330 BG010-330 2nd-Carolina Theatre 10/16/18 $2.00 Tuesday Oct. 16, 2018 - Students will appreciate the music of Columbia & Ecuador Gibbs,Leah N/A NA NA $2.00
2nd-Museum of Life & Sci.  $7.00 BG010-332 BG010-332 2nd-Museum of Life & Sci. 11/13/18 $7.00 Tuesday Nov 13, 2018 - Students will compare the life cycles of different animals in the butterfly house & investigate pitch in Sound Garden. Perlita,Barrow N/A NA NA $7.00
2nd-Piedmont Wildlife Ctr 5/23/19 $18.00 BG010-338 BG010-338 2nd-Piedmont Wildlife Ctr 5/23/19 $18.00 Thursday May 23, 2019 - Objective: To compare characteristics and life cycles in a variety of animals. Perlita,Barrow N/A NA NA $10.00
2nd-Schoolhouse of Wonder  $11.00 BG010-325 BG010-325 2nd-Schoolhouse of Wonder 11/27/18 $11.00 Tuesday Nov. 27, 2018 - Trading & exchange of goods between Native groups & early pioneers. Importance of storytelling Gibbs,Leah N/A NA NA $11.00
3er-Hillside HS 3/13/19 $8.00 BG010-341 BG010-341 3rd-Hillside HS 3/13/19 $8.00 Objective: Character traits, motivations, feeling change. Lamb,Kyle 3rd NA 3/1/2019 $8.00
4th-Maymandi Concert Hall  5/07/19 $9.00 BG010-342 BG010-342 4th-Maymandi Concert Hall 5/07/19 $9.00 Objective: 4th grade music curriculum objectives. Siegel,Laurie 4th NA 3/1/2019 $9.00
4th-Mountains  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-329 BG010-329 4th-Mountains Thursday 10/25/18 *Will cover Science curriculum-4.E.2 Fossils, 4.P.2.3 Classify Rocks, 4.p.2.1 Physical Properties of Matter. Duarte,Flavia N/A NA NA $0.00
4th-NC AQUARIUM  5/9/19  $50.00 BG010-339 BG010-339 4th-NC AQUARIUM 5/9/19 $50.00 Pine Knolls Shores, NC Objective: Science Ecosystems unit. Students will be able to understand the effects of environmental changes, adaptations and behaviors that enable some NC animals to survive in changing habitats Duarte,Flavia 4th NA 1/28/2019 $50.00
4th-School Housr of wonder  3/7/19  $10.00 BG010-340 BG010-340 4th-Schoolhouse of Wonder 3/7/19 $10.00 Native Ways Objective: Examining cultural impacts that Europeans had on Natural Life. Explore the differences in Pre-columbian and Post Columbian Native cultures. Neal,Shani 4th NA 2/8/2019 $10.00
5th - 2019 DC Trip BG010-324 BG010-324 5th - 2019 DC Trip Ntnl 4H Conference Ctr. (leaving 4/24/19, returning 4/25/19) 2 day DC Trip - Visiting the nation's capital city fits 5th gr curriculum & gives the students a chance to visit museums and parts of the nation's Govt. This is an appropriate culminating event for all 5th graders. Debra,Bowling N/A NA NA $0.00
5th-NASHER Museum 3/14/19 $4.00 BG010-337 BG010-337 5th-NASHER Museum 3/14/19 $4.00 Objective: Understand how cultural narratives (legends, songs, games, ballads, folktales, and art forms) reflect the life styles beliefs, & struggles of diverse ethnic groups. ashley,Brown 5th NA 1/28/2019 $4.00
3rd-Planetarium 12/18/18  $12.00 BG010-335 BG010-335 Battle Of the Books T-Shirts 2/28/19 $9.00 T-Shirts for students participating in the 2019 Battle of the Books Husketh,Emily N/A NA NA $9.00
Birthday Book Club Donation  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-320 BG010-320 Birthday Book Club Donation The Birthday Book Club is open to everyone in the school community and a wonderful way to celebrate each other and promote the lifelong love of reading. All proceeds will go directly into a fund to buy more books for our students! For a minimum donation of $11, $16 or $22 your child will have a new book dedicated in his/her name in the Media Center. This book will remain in the Media Center collection for all the students at Club Blvd. to read. Husketh,Emily N/A NA NA $0.00
FIELD TRIP SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-97 BG010-97 FIELD TRIP SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS If you would like to donate more than $6, please click "Pay Obligations" above then select "Field trip scholarship donations" and follow the screen prompts. We thank you for your donation! Williams-Capers,Kim All NA 10/2/2013 $6.00
K1-Duke Gardens 4/4/19  $5.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-344 BG010-344 K1-Duke Gardens 4/4/19 $5.00 Thursday April 4, 2019 - Objective-Students will observe a variety of flowers, trees & plants. They will identify the parts (stems, leaves, petals etc). They will also compare the characteristics of various plants. Goff,Alexa N/A NA NA $5.00
K1-Marbles Museum  $12.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-336 BG010-336 K1-Marbles Museum $12.00 Thursday Jan. 31, 2019 - Culminating activity for the K1 community helpers unit and the social studies unit on needs and wants. We will visit the money room, grocery store, TV production room, science room, fire and police areas. Goff,Alexa N/A NA NA $12.00
K-Browns Farm  $11.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-331 BG010-331 K-Browns Farm $11.00 Tuesday Oct. 30, 2018 - Community helpers growing cycle & how things change over time. Tina,Casto N/A NA NA $11.00
K-Duke Honestead  $3.00  Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary BG010-334 BG010-334 K-Duke Honestead $3.00 Tuesday Dec. 11, 2018 - To compare life a long time ago to life today and how are traditions the same or different. Reuther,Cheryl N/A NA NA $3.00
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