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2nd - Nasher Museum  Bethesda Elementary BG004-229 BG004-229 2nd - Nasher Museum Students will sharpen observational skills, practice collecting data, discover connections between science and art, and engage in hands-on discovery as they visit both Duke Gardens and the Nasher Museum in a single day. Johnson,Lakhendra All NA 9/5/2018 $3.50
3rd - Carolina Theatre "Christmas Carol"  Bethesda Elementary BG004-233 BG004-233 3rd - Carolina Theatre "Christmas Carol" Learn about Properties and Change, Energy: Conservation and Transfer - Recognize the basic forms of energy (light, sound, heat, electrical and magnetic) as the ability to cause motion or create change. Goan,Maureen All NA 10/26/2018 $4.00
5th - Museum of Life and Science  Bethesda Elementary BG004-234 BG004-234 5th - Museum of Life and Science By participating, students will practice applying their learned knowledge to real world situations. Students will have personal experiences with science topics such as the water cycle, energy transfer, and ecosystems. Also, students will enhance their 21st century skills through collaboration, critical thinking, and the use of technology through the variety of exhibits offered. Finally, students will understand the connectedness between mathematics, science, and language arts through STEM activities provide Rouse,Tiffany All NA 9/18/2018 $15.00
ESL / AIG - SCHOOLHOUSE OF WONDER  Bethesda Elementary BG004-237 BG004-237 ESL / AIG - SCHOOLHOUSE OF WONDER Learn about weather, pollution etc. Sheehan,Jeanine All NA 9/26/2018 $10.00
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