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2020-2021 Yearbook Sales LC705-29 LC705-29 2022-2023 Yearbook Sales For purchasing a yearbook from last school year, 2022-2023. Yearbooks must be ordered online. List the student's first and last name and indicate if they are on campus, virtual, or if they have graduated. The yearbooks can be picked up in the Art Room after payment is received. :Collinsville High FIXED Kite,Taylor N/A N/A N/A $40.00
Choir LC705-VAR5 LC705-VAR5 Choir Choir Fees: Please make sure to specify student name, grade, price and what you are paying for. If you have more than one item, please specify the amount for each item. :Collinsville High VARIABLE Taylor,Samantha N/A N/A 8/17/2021 $0.00
Collinsville Physicals Night LC705-61 LC705-61 Collinsville Physicals Night Athletic physicals for current 6th thru 11th grade students will be May 1st from 5:00PM to 6:30 PM. Give student name, grade and parent contact phone number. You will ENTER through the High School Commons. :Collinsville High FIXED Clow,Brenda N/A N/A N/A $20.00
Crimson Cadet Band Fees LC705-VAR11 LC705-VAR11 Crimson Cadet Band Fees Please give your student's name and the name of the fee you are paying. :Collinsville High VARIABLE Mackey,Rod N/A N/A N/A $0.00
FFA Blue and Gold All Products LC705-13 LC705-13 FFA Blue and Gold All Products Do not place new orders unless you have spoken with the FFA sponsor to confirm they have the product in stock. You can order all your products here in the drop down option. Sausage $10 Bacon $21 Chicken $30 :Collinsville High FIXED Bowman,David N/A N/A N/A $10.00
Library LC705-VAR3 LC705-VAR3 Library Please note in description box your: Name, phone number, what the fee is for :Collinsville High VARIABLE Gregory,Amy N/A N/A 1/5/2021 $0.00
Parking Permits LC705-1 LC705-1 Parking Permits CHS Drivers - All Grades Please provide the following information in the description area. Name Make/Model/Year/Color Tag # SOMEONE WILL CONTACT YOU TO PICKUP THE PARKING PERMIT. :Collinsville High FIXED Kelli schultheiss,Kelli schultheiss N/A N/A 9/10/2020 $20.00
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