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Advance CAD Uniform AF066-40 AF066-40 Advance Engineering & Manufacturing Uniform Shirt and lab fee Kulkarni,Girish N/A NA 9/3/2019 $74.00
Baking and Pastry Arts AF066-18 AF066-18 Baking and Pastry Arts Baking and Pastry lab fees Chonko,MaryElse All NA NA $180.00
Barbering 1st year AF066-16 AF066-16 Barbering 1st year Barbering 1st year fees Nunnelley,Amy All NA NA $100.00
Barbering 2nd year/Postgrad AF066-42 AF066-42 Barbering 2nd year/Postgrad Barbering 2nd year and postgrad fees Nunnelley,Amy N/A NA NA $150.00
Culinary Arts AF066-20 AF066-20 Culinary Arts Culinary Lab Fees Hawkins,Adam All NA NA $180.00
Environmental Biotechnologies AF066-19 AF066-19 Environmental Biotechnologies Biotechnologies Lab fees and uniform Ciucci,Colleen N/A NA NA $155.00
Firefighter 1st year AF066-23 AF066-23 Firefighter 1st year Firefighter Fees 1st year Lewis,Jeffrey All NA NA $150.00
Firefighting 2nd year AF066-43 AF066-43 Firefighting 2nd year Firefighting 2nd year lab fees Lewis,Jeffrey N/A NA NA $100.00
Homeland Security AF066-26 AF066-26 Homeland Security Homeland Security lab fees and uniform Stephens,Geralyn N/A NA NA $166.00
Mechatronics 1st Year AF066-29 AF066-29 Mechatronics 1st Year Mechatronics first year lab fees Lathrop,Paul N/A NA NA $45.00
Mechatronics 2nd year AF066-44 AF066-44 Mechatronics 2nd year Mechatronics 2nd year lab fees Lathrop,Paul N/A NA NA $65.00
Nurse Aide AF066-30 AF066-30 Nurse Aide Nurse Aide lab fees, Board of Nursing books and First Aid certification Vivaldi,Kimberly All NA NA $225.00
Physical/Occupational Therapy AF066-31 AF066-31 Physical/Occupational Therapy Physical/Occupational therapy labs and uniform Timothy,Dey All NA NA $102.00
Veterinary Science AF066-32 AF066-32 Veterinary Science Veterinary Science lab fees, uniform and medical kit Thomas,Laura All NA NA $130.00
Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow AF066-102 AF066-102 Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow Lab and Uniform fees Johnson,Karen N/A NA NA $57.00
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