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AF063-VAR2 Athletics: Midlothian High School Trojan Teams Midlothian High School Athletic Department is looking for donations for our Athletic Teams and overall operations of our programs. Due to a loss in revenue and funding sources this year and possible next year, we are in need of funds to continue to support our student-athletes. You are able to make a donation to Athletics or to an individual team by indicating that in the Purchaser Notes. We are asking for a minimum of a $20, but any and all donations are helpful. 0010b00002HIqkdAAD:Midlothian High School VARIABLE Collins,Shea N/A N/A N/A $0.00
AF063-742 GoMidlo Fund for Teachers GoMidlo Fund funds staff lunches, retirement gifts and celebrations, and also recognition of happy or sad news among our staff 0010b00002HIqkdAAD:Midlothian High School FIXED Angelina,Leonard N/A N/A N/A $25.00
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