Clover Hill High School

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Digital Art and Graphics Design AF057-53 AF057-53 Digital Art and Graphics Design Computer Graphics I,II & III 1 fee for each class taken VA942, 950, 953, VA952 (Independent Study) Barnett,Jamie All NA NA $40.00
Film / Video Production AF057-107 AF057-107 Film / Video Production VA956, VA957 All teachers of these classes Berneche,Amanda All NA NA $40.00
Junior Dues - INSTALLMENTS AF057-292 AF057-292 Junior Dues Optional: Eligible to attend prom, Jr.Class socials & class t's. Does NOT cover price of prom ticket. Hughes,Pam 11th NA NA $40.00
Marketing AF057-244 AF057-244 Marketing All marketing classes - 1 fee for each class taken BM201, BM232 BM314 BM320 Charney,Karen N/A NA NA $10.00
Math in the Arts AF057-101 AF057-101 Math in the Arts MA945 Math in the Arts Kirtley,Victoria All NA NA $30.00
Mu Alpha Theta AF057-523 AF057-523 Mu Alpha Theta Membership Dues Soldan,jennifer N/A NA NA $20.00
Orchestra - All Classes AF057-56 AF057-56 Orchestra - All Classes All Orchestra Classes (1 fee for each class taken) PA611 & PA612 PA556, PA318 PA711 & 712 Williams,Justin All NA NA $10.00
Parking Passes AF057-339 AF057-339 Parking Passes Completed parking pass application, any outstanding obligations, & 2018-19 academic fees must be paid before decal is issued Michelle,Herzing 12th 11th and 12th grades NA $50.00
PE Fee AF057-106 AF057-106 PE Fee All PE classes HP709, HP710, HP711, HP712, HP723 All teachers of those classes Mooney,Brett All NA NA $10.00
PE Uniform - shirt AF057-206 AF057-206 PE Uniform - shirt Shirt for PE classes Mooney,Brett All NA NA $10.00
PE Uniform - short AF057-207 AF057-207 PE Uniform - short Shorts for PE Mooney,Brett All NA NA $10.00
Photo I AF057-109 AF057-109 Photo I VA931 Photography I Berneche,Amanda All NA NA $30.00
Photo II AF057-111 AF057-111 Photo II VA932 Photography II Berneche,Amanda All NA NA $40.00
Photo III AF057-112 AF057-112 Photo III VA933 all teachers of these classes Berneche,Amanda All NA NA $45.00
Science AF057-430 AF057-430 Science 1 fee for each class taken SC426, SC429, SC439, SC449, MS469, SC555 SC452, SC434, SC444, MS476, MS477 all teachers of this class Klein,Maria N/A NA NA $30.00
Science Goggles AF057-239 AF057-239 Science Goggles Goggles Klein,Maria All NA NA $3.00
Senior Dues AF057-486 AF057-486 Senior Dues Senior Dues Hughes,Pamela N/A NA NA $40.00
SNHS Club AF057-520 AF057-520 SNHS Club Science National Honor Society Club Klein,Maria N/A NA NA $5.00
Social Studies AF057-431 AF057-431 Social Studies MS025, MS027 Brown,Cluny N/A NA NA $40.00
Tech Drawing AF057-13 AF057-13 Tech Drawing TE301, TE302, TE303, TE304 1 fee for each class taken OHare,Sean All NA NA $30.00
Theatre AF057-125 AF057-125 Theatre Theatre I-IV PA111, 112, 113, 114, Theatre Production PA121, PA122 Cheatham,Carli All NA NA $10.00
Yearbook AF057-1 AF057-1 Yearbook Yearbook Kilby,Kathleen N/A NA NA $65.00
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