Tomahawk Creek Middle School

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Advance Drama AF053-274 AF053-274 Advance Drama 8th graders Butela,Shelley N/A NA NA $5.00
Advanced Art AF053-4 AF053-4 Advanced Art 8th Grade Art for Full Year Klimek,Ashley 8th NA NA $20.00
Adventure Rec AF053-276 AF053-276 Adventure Rec 8th grade course Robertson,Thomas N/A NA NA $11.00
Art 8 AF053-281 AF053-281 Art 8 8th graders Klimek,Ashley 8th NA NA $20.00
Computer Art for 9 weeks AF053-272 AF053-272 Art for 9 weeks - Exploratory Computer Art Exploratory Klimek,Ashley 6th NA NA $5.00
Art for Semester AF053-5 AF053-5 Art for Semester 7th and 8th Grade Art for Semester Klimek,Ashley 8th NA NA $10.00
Band AF053-7 AF053-7 Band Band slagle,olivia All NA NA $5.00
Chorus AF053-8 AF053-8 Chorus Chorus tuck,ray All NA NA $5.00
Chromebook Technology Fee AF053-215 AF053-215 Chromebook Technology Fee Chromebook Technology Fee Reshauds,Johnson All NA 8/28/2018 $50.00
Computer Art for the semester AF053-270 AF053-270 Computer Art for the semester Computer Art for 7th and 8th graders Klimek,Ashley 7th NA 8/28/2018 $20.00
Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) for 9-Weeks AF053-15 AF053-15 Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) 7th grade Adams,Venida 7th NA NA $10.00
Fit for life AF053-277 AF053-277 Fit for life Semester 8th grade course Robertson,Thomas N/A NA NA $11.00
PE Fee / Fit for Life & equipment usage AF053-21 AF053-21 Health and PE PE fee for all grades Robertson,Thomas All NA NA $11.00
Advanced Band AF053-1 AF053-1 Instrumental Ensemble 8th graders slagle,olivia 8th NA NA $5.00
Inventions and Innovations AF053-278 AF053-278 Inventions and Innovations Semester 7th grade Shannon,Ingrid 7th NA NA $10.00
Intermediate Orchestra AF053-19 AF053-19 Orchestra Orchestra Barone,Janine N/A NA NA $5.00
P E Uniforms AF053-203 AF053-203 P E Uniforms P E Uniforms Robertson,Thomas All NA NA $12.00
Photography AF053-279 AF053-279 Photography Semester 7 & 8 grade Shannon,Ingrid 7th NA NA $20.00
Science goggles AF053-204 AF053-204 Science goggles Science goggles Mathers,John All NA NA $3.00
Team Sports AF053-280 AF053-280 Team Sports 8th graders Robertson,Thomas 8th NA NA $11.00
Tech ED Systems AF053-269 AF053-269 Tech Systems 8th graders Shannon,Ingrid 8th NA NA $10.00
Teen Living AF053-275 AF053-275 Teen Living Semester course for 8th graders Adams,Venida N/A NA NA $10.00
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