Manchester Middle School

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Art - 9 Weeks AF044-210 AF044-210 Art - 9 Weeks 9 weeks with Ms. Hartsoe Megan,Hartsoe 6th NA NA $5.00
Art - All Year AF044-214 AF044-214 Art - All Year Year with Ms. Hartsoe Megan,Hartsoe 8th NA NA $20.00
Art - Semester AF044-212 AF044-212 Art - Semester Semester with Ms. Hartsoe Megan,Hartsoe All NA NA $10.00
BAND - INSTRUMENT RENTAL AT SCHOOL AF044-434 AF044-434 BAND - INSTRUMENT RENTAL AT SCHOOL Instrument Rental Fee for Band Students to have instrument at school. McHatton,Elizabeth All NA NA $25.00
BAND - INSTRUMENT RENTAL HOME/SCHOOL AF044-433 AF044-433 BAND - INSTRUMENT RENTAL HOME/SCHOOL Instrument Rental Fee for Band students at home and at school McHatton,Elizabeth All NA NA $50.00
Band-Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced AF044-1 AF044-1 Band-Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced All band Classes with Mrs. McHatton McHatton,Elisabeth All NA NA $5.00
Chorus AF044-220 AF044-220 Chorus All Year Long Chorus classes with Ms. Rose Rose,Kim All NA NA $5.00
Chromebook Technology Fee AF044-320 AF044-320 Chromebook Technology Fee Chromebook Technology Fee Altizer,David All NA NA $50.00
Latin Club AF044-235 AF044-235 Latin Club Dues for all Latin Club members Burleson,Kelly All NA NA $10.00
ORCH - INSTRUMENT RENTAL HOME/SCHOOL AF044-435 AF044-435 ORCH - INSTRUMENT RENTAL HOME/SCHOOL Instrument Rental Fee for Orchestra Students to have instrument at home and school. Joshua,Leslie All NA NA $50.00
Orchestra AF044-224 AF044-224 Orchestra All Orchestra classes with Mr. Leslie Joshua,Leslie All NA NA $5.00
PE Fee AF044-21 AF044-21 PE Fee ALL PE Classes Anglin,Tiffany All NA NA $10.00
Spanish Club AF044-234 AF044-234 Spanish Club Dues for Spanish Club members McGrath,Brendan All NA NA $10.00
Technology Education - All year AF044-223 AF044-223 Technology Education - All year Year with Mr. Wright Wright,James 8th NA NA $20.00
Technology Education - Semester AF044-222 AF044-222 Technology Education - Semester Semester with Mr. Wright Wright,James 7th NA NA $10.00
Uniforms - PE Shirt AF044-217 AF044-217 Uniforms - PE Shirt PE Shirt - 5.00 Anglin,Tiffany All NA NA $5.00
Uniforms - PE Shorts AF044-218 AF044-218 Uniforms - PE Shorts PE Shorts - $8.00 Anglin,Tiffany All NA NA $8.00
Yearbook - 2018-2019 AF044-424 AF044-424 Yearbook 2019-2020 Yearbook Burleson,Kelly All NA NA $20.00
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