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7th and 8th art AF043-271 AF043-271 Art - 7th and 8th Grade (Semester) This is a semester art class. Ferguson,Wanda 7th NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
Art (6th grade exploratory) AF043-212 AF043-212 Art (6th grade exploratory) Nine week class for 6th graders. Ferguson,Wanda 6th NA 7/1/2019 $5.00
Art Advanced for Full Year AF043-4 AF043-4 Art Advanced for Full Year All Grades Art for Full Year for all grades Ferguson,Wanda All NA 7/1/2019 $20.00
Chorus - All Classes AF043-2 AF043-2 Chorus - All Levels and grades Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Chorus Griffin,Willie All NA 7/1/2019 $5.00
Computer Art - 8th grade AF043-349 AF043-349 Computer Art - 8th grade Using technology to produce art. Hu,Simon 8th NA 7/1/2019 $20.00
Computer Integrated Apps (Year) AF043-302 AF043-302 Computer Integrated Apps (Year) 8th grade year long computer class. Joan,Franklin 8th NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
Digital Photography 7th & 8th Grade AF043-353 AF043-353 Digital Photography 7th & 8th Grade Semester photography class Ferguson,Wanda All NA 7/1/2019 $20.00
Work Family Exploratory AF043-272 AF043-272 Family and Consumer Science 7th grade This is a semester class for 7th graders. Carlos Marti,Carlos Marti 7th NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
Guitar- (All grades) AF043-247 AF043-247 Guitar- All Levels and grades Student must provide own guitar. This is a year long class. Reid,Jodi All NA 7/1/2019 $5.00
Gym shirts AF043-238 AF043-238 Gym shirts Gym shirts are to be worn in P. E. classes. This is optional if student has a Falling Creek Middle School shirt from previous year that fits. Arnold,Tamara All NA 7/1/2019 $5.00
Gym suit-Shorts AF043-204 AF043-204 Gym Shorts Shorts for physical education Arnold,Tamara All NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
PE Fee (all grades) AF043-235 AF043-235 Health & PE Fee (all grades) This is a required class for all 6, 7 and 8th grade students, including Fit For Life and Adventure Recreation Arnold,Tamara All NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
Intro to Computer Applications (Semester) AF043-301 AF043-301 Intro to Computer Applications (Semester) 7th grade computer class Joan,Franklin 7th NA 7/1/2019 $5.00
Orchestra - All Grades AF043-245 AF043-245 Orchestra - All Levels and grades Orchestra for all grades. This is a year long class. Reid,Jodi All NA 7/1/2019 $5.00
Replacement of Lost Charger AF043-264 AF043-264 Replacement of Lost Charger Fee for replacement of a lost charger. Wood,Terri All NA 7/1/2019 $25.00
Replacement of Lost Chromebook AF043-253 AF043-253 Replacement of Lost Chromebook First time lost chromebook replacement fee Wood,Terri All NA 10/15/2018 $100.00
Science Goggles- 7th Grade AF043-347 AF043-347 Science Goggles- All Grades Goggles for science class Butler,Anna All NA 7/1/2019 $3.00
Inventions and Innovations (Semester) AF043-233 AF043-233 Steam Expeditions (Inventions and Innovations) (Semester) Students research and construct models of significant inventions that have advanced society. After studying inventions, students explore contemporary problems that technology can solve and invent a new product or improve an existing one. Semester class. Jones,Clifton 7th NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
Technology Systems-8 AF043-22 AF043-22 Technology Systems-8th grade Technology Systems for semester Jones,Cliff 8th NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
Teen Living AF043-229 AF043-229 Teen Living (FACS) This is a semester class. Carlos Marti,Carlos Marti 8th NA 7/1/2019 $10.00
Yearbooks (optional) AF043-254 AF043-254 Yearbooks (optional) Non personalized yearbook Julie,Harris All NA 7/1/2019 $33.00
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