Chesapeake Center for Science

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
ATI Post Grad DD001-5 DD001-5 ATI Post Grad PN III ATI Fees for 2nd semester Jones,Kathy N/A LPN III 9/4/2018 $179.00
Dual Enrollment Auto Body Collision DD001-25 DD001-25 Dual Enrollment Auto Body Collision Third payment Dual Enrollment Auto Body Collision I and II Edmonds-Young,Laurra All Dual Enrollment Auto Body Coll 11/8/2018 $195.00
Dual Enrollment Computer Systems 2 DD001-23 DD001-23 Dual Enrollment Computer Systems 2 Second Payment Computer Systems 2 Edmonds-Young,Laurra All Dual Enrollment Computer System 7/10/2018 $180.00
Dual Enrollment Cybersecurity Tech DD001-21 DD001-21 Dual Enrollment Cybersecurity Tech Second Payment due January 27 Cybersecurity Technology Edmonds-Young,Laurra N/A dual enrollment cybersecurity 9/3/2019 $180.00
Dual Enrollment Electricity I/II DD001-34 DD001-34 Dual Enrollment Electricity I/II Third Payment Dual Enrollment Electricity I and II one year course Edmonds-Young,Laurra All NA 9/5/2019 $210.00
Mechatronics Seniors DD001-63 DD001-63 Dual Enrollment Mechatronics Juniors Third Payment for Mechatronics Juniors Edmonds-Young,Laurra N/A NA 10/3/2019 $195.00
Dual Enrollment Mechatronics Juniors DD001-24 DD001-24 Dual Enrollment Mechatronics Seniors Mechatronics Seniors Edmonds-Young,Laurra All Mechatronics JUNIORS 7/10/2018 $285.00
Dual Enrollment Pharmacy Technician DD001-52 DD001-52 Dual Enrollment Pharmacy Technician Third Payment Dual Enrollment Pharmacy Technician Edmonds-Young,Laurra All Dual Enrollment Pharmacy Tech 11/8/2018 $360.00
Pharmacy Tech Class Uniform DD001-67 DD001-67 Pharmacy Tech Class Uniform Student Uniform Gore,Angelita N/A NA NA $18.58
Post Grad PN Tuition Payment Plan DD001-62 DD001-62 Post Grad PN Tuition Payment Plan Three monthly payments of $400.00 each for first semester Total $1,200.00 Jones,Kathy N/A NA NA $400.00
Post-grad LPN Tuition DD001-1 DD001-1 Post-grad LPN Tuition 2nd Semester Jones,Kathy N/A LPN Post Grad 1/11/2018 $1,200.00
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