Grizzly Pride Rock Reservation 02/14/2023

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Grizzly Pride Rock Reservation 02/14/2023
Price: $20.00
Pride Rock is a great way to send a special message...Show your school spirit, wish someone "Happy Birthday!" or "Congratulations!". Reservations Required Cost is $20 for one day (4pm-4pm)    ****NO REFUNDS**** Dates are available on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. You may paint the rock starting at 4pm the day before your reservation, so it will be ready for the morning carpool line of your reserved day. For example, if your child's birthday is April 15th, reserve April 15th. You may begin painting the rock on April 14th at 4pm in order for it to be ready for morning carpool on the reserved date. No Advertising. No Political Messages. Online Payment is required at the time of reservation. No other forms of payment will be accepted. Some dates will be "blacked out" for school rock use. PRIDE ROCK POLICIES: Paint must be kept away from the building and sidewalks. Bring your own water (ie. gallon jug) for clean up. Do Not dispose of any paint products or tools at the school. Adult supervision must be present at all times. 48 HR maximum reservation CREEKLAND MIDDLE ADMINISTRATION reserve the right to remove/cover any messages deemed inappropriate. WHEN RESERVING YOUR DAY, PLEASE EMAIL Bethany Biello ([email protected]) WITH THE MESSAGE YOU INTEND TO PAINT. Please contact [email protected] with Pride Rock in the memo if you have any questions. Pride Rock is a school fundraiser. Funds are used to help pay for school programs and/or initiatives. Helpful Tips: You will need approximately a pint of paint to spread with a roller brush or 2-3 cans of spray paint plus the paint used for your design. You will likely need two cans of spray paint for the background. You can either use a stencil or free-hand your design. It will likely take at least an hour to complete the project. A bucket of water and rags are helpful to clean brushes and hands. HAVE FUN AND BE CREATIVE!!! UPON COMPLETION OF YOUR RESERVATION, YOU ARE PROVIDING CONSENT TO THE SCHOOL ALLOWING US TO PUBLISH PHOTOS OF ANY AND ALL ARTWORK PLACED ON PRIDE ROCK BY YOU TO OUR FB GROUP PAGE OR ANY APPROVED CREEKLAND MIDDLE PUBLICATION.
  • Sponsor/TeacherBiello,Bethany
  • Activity Date7/20/2022
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