River Ridge High

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Basketball Cheer BC090-VAR55 BC090-VAR55 Basketball Cheer 2022-23 Dues 0010b00002HJGyGAAX:River Ridge High VARIABLE Patrillou,Albertina N/A Basketball Cheer NA $0.00
Lost Textbook Payment BC090-VAR22 BC090-VAR22 DEBT PAYMENT----Lost Textbook Please be sure to specify book title that payment is for. 0010b00002HJGyGAAX:River Ridge High VARIABLE Elder,Virginia N/A DEBT NA $0.00
DEBT PAYMENT/Media Center BC090-VAR4 BC090-VAR4 DEBT PAYMENT----Media Center Media Center fines 0010b00002HJGyGAAX:River Ridge High VARIABLE Rubin,Keara N/A Media Center 7/1/2020 $0.00
Driver's License/Learner's Permit * * * DDS FORM * * * BC090-277 BC090-277 Driver's License/Learner's Permit * * * DDS FORM * * * There is a $3.00 notary fee for the GA DDS Certificate of Attendance form. Please see Ms. Harris in Counseling. 0010b00002HJGyGAAX:River Ridge High FIXED Harris,Sandy N/A DDS Certificate of Attendance NA $3.00
Fieldtrip:  NYC Spring 2023 BC090-575 BC090-575 Fieldtrip: NYC Spring 2023 Drama Department 0010b00002HJGyGAAX:River Ridge High FIXED Fields,Rod N/A Drama Dept NA $0.00
JROTC----Fall Raider Team BC090-VAR54 BC090-VAR54 JROTC----Fall Raider Team . 0010b00002HJGyGAAX:River Ridge High VARIABLE Ayers,Marlon N/A JROTC NA $0.00
PARKING----Ticket BC090-393 BC090-393 PARKING----Ticket Payment is for PARKING VIOLATIONS ONLY! Do not use to purchase parking "permit" for campus parking. 0010b00002HJGyGAAX:River Ridge High FIXED Hardin,Laura N/A Parking NA $30.00
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