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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
3rd Grade - Tellus Museum BC049-105 BC049-105 3rd Grade - Tellus Museum Our 3rd Grade students will enjoy a field trip to Tellus Museum to learn all about fossils! The grade level will be split into two groups, 4 homerooms go on February 26 and the other 4 homerooms on February 27. Garrett,Heather 03 NA NA $17.00
5th Grade - Georgia Ensemble Theatre BC049-106 BC049-106 5th Grade - Georgia Ensemble Theatre 5th Grade will be going to the Georgia Ensemble Theater to see the play "And Then They Came for Me" and stopping for lunch at CiCi's Pizza on the way back to school. The field trip payment does NOT cover the cost of lunch, students will bring lunch money the day of the field trip. Martin,Regina 05 NA NA $12.50
5th Grade - Tennessee Aquarium/IMAX BC049-VAR7 BC049-VAR7 5th Grade - Tennessee Aquarium/IMAX 5th grade students will enjoy a fun and educational day in Chattanooga, TN! The cost for the trip is $44 per student and $44 per chaperone - please do not pay the chaperone fee until you are notified by your child's teacher you have been chosen to attend the trip. Williams,Trayce 05 NA NA $0.00
Avery ES ASP - After School Program BC049-VAR1 BC049-VAR1 Avery After School Program ASP is a prepaid program. $10/day per student paid in advance, otherwise $14/day per student if received after 10am the day you stay Harper,Matt N/A NA NA $0.00
Donation to Avery Elementary BC049-VAR3 BC049-VAR3 Donation to Avery Elementary Thank you for your tax deductible gift to Avery Elementary! If this gift is for a specific purpose please indicate in the notes section. If not, we will use the funds at the principal's discretion in a way that will best benefit the school. Eno,Kristi N/A NA NA $0.00
Hospitality/Sunshine - Avery Staff BC049-VAR5 BC049-VAR5 Hospitality/Sunshine - Avery Staff Hospitality/Sunshine Avery Staff - $25 for certified staff and $15 for classified staff. Eno,Kristi N/A NA NA $0.00
Media Center Fines BC049-VAR2 BC049-VAR2 Media Center Fines Pay for lost/damaged Media Center materials Blakey,Jennifer N/A NA NA $0.00
St. Jude Donations BC049-VAR4 BC049-VAR4 St. Jude Jeans Days - Avery Staff St. Jude Jeans Days donation - $50 for certified staff and $25 for classified staff. Jeans may be worn on Mondays with any St. Jude shirt you order directly from their website! Go to https://giftshop.stjude.org/ to choose and order your shirt. Eno,Kristi N/A NA NA $0.00
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