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Art Class Donation BC020-VAR23 BC020-VAR23 Art Class Donation Make a donation towards supplies for the art class! 0010b00002HJVrWAAX:Freedom Middle VARIABLE Lombard,Sonya N/A Art 8/3/2020 $0.00
Band Books BC020-90 BC020-90 Band Books Pay for your band book here! 0010b00002HJVrWAAX:Freedom Middle FIXED Bishop,Jonathan All Band 8/3/2020 $15.00
Media Center Fees BC020-VAR1 BC020-VAR1 Media Center Fees Pay for your overdue books here. 0010b00002HJVrWAAX:Freedom Middle VARIABLE Struchtemeyer,Amanda N/A NA NA $0.00
Rent PE Locker BC020-89 BC020-89 Rent PE Locker Rent an optional PE locker for the semester to keep your items in during PE. 0010b00002HJVrWAAX:Freedom Middle FIXED Lamb,Lee N/A PE 8/3/2020 $3.00
Science Lab Donations - All Classes BC020-23 BC020-23 Science Lab Donations - All Classes Donations will be used to further explore the curriculum in the lab. 0010b00002HJVrWAAX:Freedom Middle FIXED Robinson,Mary N/A Science 8/3/2020 $5.00
Staff Sunshine Fund BC020-VAR22 BC020-VAR22 Staff Sunshine Fund Make your donation to the Staff Sunshine Fund. This will be used throughout the year to bring some sunshine to a coworker who needs it. 0010b00002HJVrWAAX:Freedom Middle VARIABLE Robinson,Mary N/A Staff NA $0.00
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